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We have spent the last 3 months analyzing research data as the basis for a new type of EMA report that will truly help enterprises determine how to prioritize their hybrid cloud, container and DevOps investments. The report will show you where your peers are investing today and what your organization needs to do to effectively harness containers, public cloud, DevOps automation, machine learning, hyperconverged systems and numerous other critical technologies. EMA will also provide specific advice regarding which vendors you should look at closer when you are trying to solve a specific IT challenge. These vendors have received our EMA Top 3 award.

Here’s what you get out of reading the EMA Top 3 report

Like our EMA Cloud Rants, the Top 3 report is a new research deliverable by EMA that leverages our key strength of working hand in hand with the IT guys who are faced with critical investment decisions.

The EMA Top 3 report will answer the following questions and provide a lot more context to help you navigate today’s faced paced world of hybrid enterprise IT:

  • How can you quickly lower your public or hybrid cloud cost?
  • What are your peers doing to implement cloud and container security and compliance?
  • Is private cloud coming back and what is different this time?
  • How should you plan for containers and what are the key pitfalls?
  • Will your existing monitoring tools work for hybrid container environments?
  • Can hyperconverged systems help make DevOps and Containers easier to manage?
  • How could Machine Learning help in this regard?
  • Why serverless functions might become a disruptive hybrid technology?
  • What automation homework is there to do before starting with containers and DevOps?
  • How to best integrate public clouds with your data center?