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MicroStrategy World 2012: Miami

Yesterday I tweeted "Most software CEO's are technologists at some level. Saylor is a passionate nerd. It's a compliment." I've covered MicroStrategy for years and have attended many of CEO Michael Saylor's keynotes and the reoccurring theme is his deep understanding of emerging technologies and how they will disrupt the business intelligence space. He has [...]

Metamorphosis: The Cloud Integration Summit

Cloud technology continues to be a buzz worthy topic in our industry. As more companies are utilizing applications and data that are hosted in the cloud a new demand is being put on integration solutions and architectures. Getting information to and from these environments at scale and at a speed that supports innovative thinking is [...]

Top 10 Trends in Business Intelligence and Analytics for 2011

It seems that at the turn of each year pundits, experts and analysts find it necessary to wax poetic on the future of the business intelligence space. Not wanting to be left out I thought I'd share a few of my thoughts on this past year and the trends and technologies that will be part [...]

SaaS Business Intelligence Checklist – Architecture and Features

This post is part 3 of a ten part series on the important things to consider when working with SaaS business Intelligence vendors. Part 1, Part 2 Today’s topic is Architecture and Feature Sets for SaaS Business Intelligence Solutions Cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) both took significant steps forward in 2010. Early [...]

SaaS Business Intelligence Checklist – Pricing and TCO

This post is part of a ten part series on the important things to consider when working with SaaS business Intelligence vendors. Series - Part One Today's topic is Pricing and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for SaaS Business Intelligence Solutions I have a concern that comes from casual coverage of the SaaS and Cloud [...]

SaaS Business Intelligence Checklist

How does your business intelligence software as a service (SaaS) vendor check out on our SaaS Business Intelligence Top Ten Checklist? There are dozens of data points to consider when comparing enterprise level SaaS solutions. The following ten are my favorite and I believe the most critical when investigating the best product for your company. [...]

Update from TDWI World Conference Orlando

I've met with seven companies since my arrival in Orlando yesterday and I'm happy to report that things seem to be continuing in the right direction in the business intelligence space. The attendance is up over last years event and the vendors are talking about growing sales and more importantly innovation. The hot topic is [...]

Fully Integrated Integration #Inext2010

As the data integration market evolves so must the vendor solutions. Pervasive Software is doing just that and more. In a session today at the #Inext2010 event Mike Hoskins outlined a process where Pervasive offers three solutions for a single scenario. Many companies send information out to Business Service Providers (BSP) an example would be [...]

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