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Supporting Lean Integration Principles and Reuse with Data Virtualization

There is highly valuable synergy between line of business (LOB) executives and data/business analysts in today’s information driven work environments. Unfortunately complex processes and data integration “hairballs” cause analysts to spend most of their time bogged down in mundane data integration tasks instead of collaborating with executives to supply critical business insights. Sadly this is [...]

Complement Data Warehousing with Data Virtualization for BI Agility

Does your integration strategy match the speed of your business? Many people would assume that it must but I can assure you in most companies IT struggles to deliver data and applications at the speeds necessary. For years this was the acceptable model, ask for a report and sit back for a month or so [...]

The Evolving Data Warehouse Ecosystem

When I got into this business it seemed most discussions about data management were centric to "how do we fit that information into the enterprise data warehouse?" Other options were considered a bad strategy or just plain too expensive to make sense. Over the past few years new data types, demands for deeper analysis, compliance [...]

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Is Data Virtualization Part of Your Strategy?

Data virtualization is finding its way into many data ecosystems. Its a technology that is maturing fast and offering sophisticated features that solve enterprise level data access challenges. Traditional ETL/ELT can be time consuming and costly, data virtualization is providing an alternative. I recommend that you take a look at the companies who are focusing [...]

HP to Acquire Vertica

I've been pretty tough on HP recently (see post) for a lack of strategy and poor communication around their overall business intelligence offerings. They failed in their attempt to leverage NeoView and up till last week looked to be stepping back into their services and hardware partner role. Recent partner announcements with Microsoft and SAP [...]

Update from TDWI World Conference Orlando

I've met with seven companies since my arrival in Orlando yesterday and I'm happy to report that things seem to be continuing in the right direction in the business intelligence space. The attendance is up over last years event and the vendors are talking about growing sales and more importantly innovation. The hot topic is [...]

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