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Data Virtualization and the Network = Disruption

Data virtualization (DV) is a hot topic these days. More companies are adopting the technology to add agility and consistency to their data management landscape. A driver to this adoption is the shift away from enterprise data warehouse (EDW) centric architectures to embrace a new multi-platform driven strategy. Adding additional purpose built platforms (analytic appliances, [...]

Syncsort to Acquire Circle Computer Group

Syncsort has made its first acquisition since its founding in the late 60's. With CEO, Lonne Jaffe at the helm the company looks poised to make additional investments focused on adding new capabilities to its DMExpress platform and centered around Big Data. Mr. Jaffe made it clear in this mornings press release that they intend [...]

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Supporting Lean Integration Principles and Reuse with Data Virtualization

There is highly valuable synergy between line of business (LOB) executives and data/business analysts in today’s information driven work environments. Unfortunately complex processes and data integration “hairballs” cause analysts to spend most of their time bogged down in mundane data integration tasks instead of collaborating with executives to supply critical business insights. Sadly this is [...]

Embracing a Hybrid Data Ecosystem

For years our data management universe has been centered around the enterprise data warehouse (EDW). The EDW has served us well and created a foundation for todays sophisticated analytics. A paradigm shift driven by a maturing user community, new technology, economics and valuable data types is moving us towards a hybrid data ecosystem that strives to match the workload and [...]

Complement Data Warehousing with Data Virtualization for BI Agility

Does your integration strategy match the speed of your business? Many people would assume that it must but I can assure you in most companies IT struggles to deliver data and applications at the speeds necessary. For years this was the acceptable model, ask for a report and sit back for a month or so [...]

Doing Data Virtualization Right to Enable BI Agility

I’ve been participating in the web seminar series hosted by Informatica covering data virtualization (DV) technology. As many of you know I feel strongly about the impact this technology can have on your business and I believe there is a place for it within most companies. I just finished listening to the latest program in [...]

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Agility and Data Virtualization

As we move into 2012 analytics and business intelligence continue to be top of mind for C-level executives. Discovering new ways to leverage our existing systems coupled with the need to access new and dynamic data sources has exposed a lack of flexibility in traditional data management infrastructures. This lack of agility curtails innovation and [...]

ETL 2.0

Are you rethinking your data integration strategies? is the introduction of Big Data having an impact on that strategy? Jorge Lopez of Syncsort makes a compelling point around the challenges and the cost of doing Big Data integration with traditional methods. Check out the video for an overview. I believe that innovation in data integration [...]

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Is Data Virtualization Part of Your Strategy?

Data virtualization is finding its way into many data ecosystems. Its a technology that is maturing fast and offering sophisticated features that solve enterprise level data access challenges. Traditional ETL/ELT can be time consuming and costly, data virtualization is providing an alternative. I recommend that you take a look at the companies who are focusing [...]

Making Hadoop Easier and Faster

Hadoop is a great piece of technology and over the past year or so many innovative vendors have leveraged it to add value to their offerings. More recently, a new trend is emerging around Hadoop as  vendors are looking to combine their own product innovation with making the Hadoop platform easier to use. Early adopters [...]

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