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Enzee Universe: Arvind Krishna Interview

It was great to catch up with Arvind Krishna GM Information Management, IBM at Enzee Universe today. He covered a wide range of topics that include the IBM/Netezza acquisition and the ongoing synergy between them. We discussed the impact of appliances in the overall data ecosystem, new technologies around analytics and where Netezza will support [...]

Enzee Universe – Merv Adrian Interview

The best part of events like Enzee Universe is getting to see friends and fellow analyst. I've known Merv for the better part of 15 years and he always brings interesting insights to any subject matter. Merv presented Extreme Information Management practices to the #enzee11 audience and explained where Big Data fits into [...]

Metamorphosis: The Cloud Integration Summit

Cloud technology continues to be a buzz worthy topic in our industry. As more companies are utilizing applications and data that are hosted in the cloud a new demand is being put on integration solutions and architectures. Getting information to and from these environments at scale and at a speed that supports innovative thinking is [...]

Top 10 Twitter Posts from #TDWI – Las Vegas

B_Incisive: Sr Strategist Anne Scarisbrick-Hauser from #TDWI: In a fire save the priceless desk or $2 CD full of company data?... bradbourne: - I AM A CBIP!!!! Passed the last test and I'm official! #tdwi #tdwilv #cbip wjdataguy: Great keynote from @tracykowal! IT folks need to rip a page out of Business 101 textbooks. [...]

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Defrag Conference 2010 #defrag

This week I attended the Defrag Conference for the second time. A special thanks to Eric Nolin for inviting me again this year. The event is well attended and hosts an eclectic slice of the technology space that includes web 2.0 companies, traditional enterprise, start-ups and Internet based innovators. This years event focused on analytics [...]

Update from TDWI World Conference Orlando

I've met with seven companies since my arrival in Orlando yesterday and I'm happy to report that things seem to be continuing in the right direction in the business intelligence space. The attendance is up over last years event and the vendors are talking about growing sales and more importantly innovation. The hot topic is [...]

Fully Integrated Integration #Inext2010

As the data integration market evolves so must the vendor solutions. Pervasive Software is doing just that and more. In a session today at the #Inext2010 event Mike Hoskins outlined a process where Pervasive offers three solutions for a single scenario. Many companies send information out to Business Service Providers (BSP) an example would be [...]

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