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Embracing a Hybrid Data Ecosystem

For years our data management universe has been centered around the enterprise data warehouse (EDW). The EDW has served us well and created a foundation for todays sophisticated analytics. A paradigm shift driven by a maturing user community, new technology, economics and valuable data types is moving us towards a hybrid data ecosystem that strives to match the workload and [...]

MicroStrategy World 2012: Miami

Yesterday I tweeted "Most software CEO's are technologists at some level. Saylor is a passionate nerd. It's a compliment." I've covered MicroStrategy for years and have attended many of CEO Michael Saylor's keynotes and the reoccurring theme is his deep understanding of emerging technologies and how they will disrupt the business intelligence space. He has [...]

Metamorphosis: The Cloud Integration Summit

Cloud technology continues to be a buzz worthy topic in our industry. As more companies are utilizing applications and data that are hosted in the cloud a new demand is being put on integration solutions and architectures. Getting information to and from these environments at scale and at a speed that supports innovative thinking is [...]

Now thats a Groupon Coupon!

I'm a Groupon and LivingSocial subscriber. If your not familiar with these new services in exchange for your email address these companies will provide a daily offer for a deep discount for products or services in your geographic area. The standard fare tends to be restaurants, nail salons and oil changes. My favorite to date [...]

Top 10 Trends in Business Intelligence and Analytics for 2011

It seems that at the turn of each year pundits, experts and analysts find it necessary to wax poetic on the future of the business intelligence space. Not wanting to be left out I thought I'd share a few of my thoughts on this past year and the trends and technologies that will be part [...]

SaaS Business Intelligence Checklist – Architecture and Features

This post is part 3 of a ten part series on the important things to consider when working with SaaS business Intelligence vendors. Part 1, Part 2 Today’s topic is Architecture and Feature Sets for SaaS Business Intelligence Solutions Cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) both took significant steps forward in 2010. Early [...]

Teradata Acquires Aprimo for $525 Million

Teradata announced their acquisition of Aprimo for approximately 525 million dollars. The company is a leader in the Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) space currently a 5 billion sector. Aprimo drives much of its revenue from SaaS delivered services and will add depth to Teradata's overall SaaS offerings and strategy. Aprimo serves 36% of Fortune 100 [...]

SaaS Business Intelligence Checklist – Pricing and TCO

This post is part of a ten part series on the important things to consider when working with SaaS business Intelligence vendors. Series - Part One Today's topic is Pricing and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for SaaS Business Intelligence Solutions I have a concern that comes from casual coverage of the SaaS and Cloud [...]

Jitterbit launches CloudReplicate for Salesforce

Data Integration SaaS Integration

Data integration and data access continue to be a hurdle to companies that are utilizing software as a service. Compliance and regulatory issues are part of the challenge but at the heart of things simply having the data integrated and where you need it for analysis is key. Jitterbit an application and data integration company [...]

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