Syncsort has made its first acquisition since its founding in the late 60’s. With CEO, Lonne Jaffe at the helm the company looks poised to make additional investments focused on adding new capabilities to its DMExpress platform and centered around Big Data. Mr. Jaffe made it clear in this mornings press release that they intend to continue making acquisitions moving forward.

The Circle Computer Group purchase will strengthen Syncsort’s functionality around Big Data and Hadoop but more importantly Circle’s DL/2 solution provides an engine that enables the migration of applications accessing IBM® Information Management System™ (IMS) to DB2® on z/OS®, without requiring any application changes resulting in greater flexibility of the data and significant cost savings. This mainframe data can be made available to Big Data platforms such as Apache Hadoop by using Syncsort’s DMX-h product line. Circle also provides similar capabilities for moving IBM Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) data.

The Circle acquisition is well suited for Syncsort and keeps the company close to its data roots. I have been a fan of Syncsort technology for years and I’m looking forward to whats next for Lonne Jaffe and team.