When I got into this business it seemed most discussions about data management were centric to “how do we fit that information into the enterprise data warehouse?” Other options were considered a bad strategy or just plain too expensive to make sense. Over the past few years new data types, demands for deeper analysis, compliance & regulatory guidelines plus a more empowered user community have caused IT to branch out and find the best platform or environment for the specific data or business challenge.

Companies like Rainstor are taking advantage of this growing ecosystem to help keep more data available for analysis. Today they announced a partnership with Qosmos a company that specializes in network intelligence to help Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and ISPs keep their highly regulated data in an environment were they can collect, filter, query and manage it. Rainstor employs aggressive compression technology to save significant space when storing the data and that provides an opportunity to save money as well. Details on the partnership can be found here.

Companies like Rainstor  and Qosmos are providing innovative data management solutions that are worth watching.