ETL 2.0

posted by Shawn Rogers   | August 11, 2011 | one Comments

Are you rethinking your data integration strategies? is the introduction of Big Data having an impact on that strategy? Jorge Lopez of Syncsort makes a compelling point around the challenges and the cost of doing Big Data integration with traditional methods. Check out the video for an overview.

I believe that innovation in data integration and data access will act as a catalyst for change in the business Intelligence (BI) space over the coming year. A surge in data volume and velocity are stretching the functionality of some data integration solutions and strategies. Data warehouse ecosystems are becoming more complex with the addition of new applications, Big Data, Cloud, data marts and as this ecosystem evolves the demands on data integration systems will be unprecedented.

What are your thoughts?

One Response to ETL 2.0

  1. Jorge Lopez says:


    It is always great to talk to you, I really appreciate you sharing this video with all your followers.

    We definitely see data integration playing a critical role in determining the success of business intelligence initiatives. More than ever, our customers and prospects are demanding increasing levels of performance, reusability, and self-service to support key initiatives related to leveraging Big Data, social media, and mobile BI. Many are starting to realize they can no longer keep up with the status quo: constant tuning, increasing database capacity and costs, longer and longer development cycles.

    Those are some of the key issues ETL 2.0 is trying to resolve. In fact, this is a term coined by some our customers and prospects, who realized they needed to re-define their strategies to effectively and economically leverage their data. Thanks again for all your valuable feedback and guidance defining this vision.

    Jorge Lopez, Syncsort.

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