Monthly Archives: June 2011


Enzee Universe: Arvind Krishna Interview

It was great to catch up with Arvind Krishna GM Information Management, IBM at Enzee Universe today. He covered a wide range of topics that include the IBM/Netezza acquisition and the ongoing synergy between them. We discussed the impact of appliances in the overall data ecosystem, new technologies around analytics and where Netezza will support [...]

Enzee Universe – Merv Adrian Interview

The best part of events like Enzee Universe is getting to see friends and fellow analyst. I've known Merv for the better part of 15 years and he always brings interesting insights to any subject matter. Merv presented Extreme Information Management practices to the #enzee11 audience and explained where Big Data fits into [...]

Is Data Virtualization Part of Your Strategy?

Data virtualization is finding its way into many data ecosystems. Its a technology that is maturing fast and offering sophisticated features that solve enterprise level data access challenges. Traditional ETL/ELT can be time consuming and costly, data virtualization is providing an alternative. I recommend that you take a look at the companies who are focusing [...]

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