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I cover many business intelligence vendors; some execute and some don’t.  I started in this industry back in the mid 90′s and I don’t think I have witnessed another meltdown quite like HP’s business intelligence group. This morning HP announced that it would no longer actively sell its NeoView BI solution. Its not uncommon for...

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Excuse me sir, is this thing headed to Florida? Anatidaephobia:is the fear that a duck is watching...

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A great post from highlighting the funny answers you can get from the Wolfram Alpha search engine. Click here to see more examples...

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It seems that at the turn of each year pundits, experts and analysts find it necessary to wax poetic on the future of the business intelligence space. Not wanting to be left out I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts on this past year and the trends and technologies that will be part...

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This post is part 3 of a ten part series on the important things to consider when working with SaaS business Intelligence vendors. Part 1, Part 2 Today’s topic is Architecture and Feature Sets for SaaS Business Intelligence Solutions Cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) both took significant steps forward in 2010. Early...

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