As the data integration market evolves so must the vendor solutions. Pervasive Software is doing just that and more. In a session today at the #Inext2010 event Mike Hoskins outlined a process where Pervasive offers three solutions for a single scenario.

Many companies send information out to Business Service Providers (BSP) an example would be your accounting department collecting the data necessary to send off to ADP so they can fulfill your payroll on Friday. Pervasive has for sometime offered the Integration Hub a product designed to act as an on-ramp for this data as its delivered to your BSP. The Integration Hub product offers tools, templates and services to schedule, reformat, validate and profile the data as it comes on board the system. After data collection the integration hub then provides data preparation tools to aggregate, join, transform, match and record linkage prior to feeding the data to the BSP.

A second feature of the Pervasive solution is the the DataCloud2 product that enables users to design, maintain and deploy agents to source data systems that fully automate the upfront data preparation and delivery process. A Pervasive client is presently using 6,000+ agents to manage an array of integration jobs. This cloud based solution avoids bringing data back to the Pervasive cloud and keeps it where it belongs between the data source and the BSP thus not creating any governance issues around the data. The DataCloud platform also has the capacity to hold and deliver pre-configured agents this will remove much of the authoring time that’s presently needed to create smart agents.

Another option for smaller or less data intensive customers is the Pervasive Business xChange. This B2B hub can store, validate and transform data from clients then move the data on to the Integration Hub for further processes. Clients who do manual data entry will benefit from using this platform.

The last but perhaps most important solution is Pervasive’s DataRush solution an MPP platform that’s designed to handled “Big Data” challenges. The solution combines Pervasive’s data collection and data preparation tools with an extremely high speed processing platform. This in itself is a compelling solution but Pervasive goes one step beyond with DataRush and has implemented data analytics into the system. DataRush can deliver predictive analytics in stream to the end user. Providing greater insight and value to the data as its integrated.

Its clear that Pervasive is taking a comprehensive approach to data integration. The addition of analytics is a valuable feature. In the BSP example above the analytics become a great data enhancement for the BSP eventually sending that insight back to the original data provider will add even better value to the solution. The agents mentioned above are bi-directional so Pervasive is ready to add that feature.

Mike mentioned three classic challenges around data integration variety, change, and volume. Pervasive is offering solutions aimed at dealing with all three for all types of clients.

My point of view: That’s a fully integrated integration solution.