EMA Innovators of IBM Connect 2017

After three fascinating days at IBM Connect 2017, EMA crowned a very short list of vendors with the “EMA Innovators of IBM Connect 2017” award. These vendors are true game changers because they look at a traditional IT challenges from a whole new angle, which enables them to drive highly differentiated customer value. Please note that some of these vendor products might still be in an early or even experimental stage, but Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) believes that they are absolutely worth any IT professional’s time to check out. Sapho: After App-driven IT Comes Task-driven IT Website: https://www.sapho.com In today’s enterprise, there is never ...

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2017 Resolution 5: Start small – get quick wins with plans for expansion

The best way to ensure analytics success is to make sure you take an iterative approach to development and design. Starting small and building up an analytics environment is the best way to make sure that you are getting requirements and applications right, without having to go back and redesign parts of your solution, wasting time and money. Organizations that get ahead of themselves and try to take on more than they can handle, end up getting overwhelmed and suffer from scope creep and potential project failure.  I’m sure you’ve heard this time and time again – it’s important to start ...

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as the Guardians of Your Hybrid Data Center

Serverless computing, containers, IoT, DevOps, mobile workspaces and of course hybrid cloud are all technologies -and of course excellent buzzwords- with immediate impact on your organization’s security. Each one of these technologies increases the speed and agility of corporate IT, enabling your company to beat the competition. As enterprise IT complexity is exploding, this year’s RSA Conference attracted over 400 exhibitors and 45,000 attendees which makes it one of the largest IT events of the year, even bigger than the 2016 Amazon Re:Invent show. How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Enhance Security Simply put, machine learning and artificial intelligence aim at enabling ...

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read – Especially About Enterprise Mobility!

I just got off the phone with a reporter from a major industry trade magazine (no names please!) who is preparing an article on enterprise mobile device adoption. Wanting to help ensure accuracy in the reporting, I provided him with statistical details from our recent research into the use of mobile devices in the enterprise [...]

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Security Awareness Programs Are Not just For Compliance

I see a significant gap in not only how the need for Security Awareness training is perceived as needed but also in the general quality of the programs and training delivered vs other types of training.  In many cases small companies avoid security awareness training due to ignorance, cost fears, or fears it will stifle [...]

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ForeScout Technologies has a Knack for NAC (and more) with ControlFabric and CounterACT

Recently I briefed with ForeScout Technologies, a Network Admission/Access Control (NAC) vendor, to get an update on the CounterACT platform it has been delivering and developing for a few years and to see its recently announced ControlFabric technology.  I thought it wise to take another look at NAC vendors and how they address BYOD, rogue, [...]

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Introduction and Thoughts About Recent Surveillance “Revelations”

Hello everyone!  I have been at Enterprise Management Associates for a couple of months now and decided that it is time to write an introduction and blog.  For those of you who have been following the blog from Scott Crawford, I hope you will find my blogs stimulating and possibly entertaining.  I tend to throw [...]

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Commercial IBM Watson is Building a Mystery

IBM turned its Watson hype engine to “high” on the morning of January 9th when IBM CEO Ginni Rometty announced the formation of a new business group for IBM Watson, led by SVP Michael Rhodin.  Ms. Rometty and Mr. Rhodin kicked-off and MC’d the live and streamed event outlining the announcement, which included supportive talks [...]

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How Will Bellwether Oracle Ring in 2014

The short answer to the question posed in the title is “quite loudly.” Current predictions suggest that the global economy will grow at or above 3% for the next two years, with the IMF predicting 3.6% for 2014 back in October. Information technology (IT) estimates vary considerably, from 3.1% to an outlier 6.0%. The [...]

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Enterprise WAN Connectivity & Optimization – 2014 Snapshot of Evolution

The enterprise WAN is evolving. Connectivity between the enterprise and remote branch has been historically achieved through private leased line connections. Because these connections are expensive, bandwidth is often limited to what is affordable, often resulting in congestion, contention, and performance issues at the remote site. The tried and true method for resolving this problem [...]

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