The Truth Behind the Scope of the Endpoint Problem in the Enterprise

The Evolution of the “Endpoint” Over the past few years, the perception of what an “endpoint” is, and therefore the definition, has changed. The original perception was a user workstation independent of operating system. With the expansion of functionality, data persistence, Internet connectivity, and ultimately the threats against them, that definition no longer applies. Laptops became included, then smartphones, servers, tablets, internal file shares, and dedicated or special function devices such as point of sale terminals and processors. This change in perception is actually a great awakening on the part of IT and business personnel. They are more willing to accept that ...

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Enterprise IT Trends in 2017

Customers in 2017 will demand solutions to claim back today’s massive CAPEX and OPEX waste of over 50% of their total IT spend. All our 2017 predictions are directly derived from the rapidly increasing pressure to reclaim these resources and leverage them to achieve direct business advantages in today’s highly competitive and fast moving marketplace. Decreasing OPEX: 30% of resources in enterprise IT are entirely unused or do not contribute to any business objectives. Additionally, resources that do have a business purpose are often vastly oversized. Identifying and reallocating this free capacity – hardware, software, management, datacenter resources – is high ...

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5 Resolutions for BI and Analytics for 2017

Last year I spent a lot of time looking at cloud analytics and how organizations are adopting and growing their cloud deployments. In addition, I had the opportunity to see how companies are implementing analytics more broadly and how solution providers are meeting customer needs by creating more flexible offerings. Through all of this, there were overarching ideas and success factors that could be easily applied to both cloud and on-premises implementations. Below are 5 of the transferrable resolutions that all organizations looking at analytics should consider and apply within their projects. Throughout the next couple of months I will be expanding ...

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ForeScout Technologies has a Knack for NAC (and more) with ControlFabric and CounterACT

Recently I briefed with ForeScout Technologies, a Network Admission/Access Control (NAC) vendor, to get an update on the CounterACT platform it has been delivering and developing for a few years and to see its recently announced ControlFabric technology.  I thought it wise to take another look at NAC vendors and how they address BYOD, rogue, [...]

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Introduction and Thoughts About Recent Surveillance “Revelations”

Hello everyone!  I have been at Enterprise Management Associates for a couple of months now and decided that it is time to write an introduction and blog.  For those of you who have been following the blog from Scott Crawford, I hope you will find my blogs stimulating and possibly entertaining.  I tend to throw [...]

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Commercial IBM Watson is Building a Mystery

IBM turned its Watson hype engine to “high” on the morning of January 9th when IBM CEO Ginni Rometty announced the formation of a new business group for IBM Watson, led by SVP Michael Rhodin.  Ms. Rometty and Mr. Rhodin kicked-off and MC’d the live and streamed event outlining the announcement, which included supportive talks [...]

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How Will Bellwether Oracle Ring in 2014

The short answer to the question posed in the title is “quite loudly.” Current predictions suggest that the global economy will grow at or above 3% for the next two years, with the IMF predicting 3.6% for 2014 back in October. Information technology (IT) estimates vary considerably, from 3.1% to an outlier 6.0%. The [...]

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Enterprise WAN Connectivity & Optimization – 2014 Snapshot of Evolution

The enterprise WAN is evolving. Connectivity between the enterprise and remote branch has been historically achieved through private leased line connections. Because these connections are expensive, bandwidth is often limited to what is affordable, often resulting in congestion, contention, and performance issues at the remote site. The tried and true method for resolving this problem [...]

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Early Christmas Data Management and Integration Presents from Attunity, IBM, and MuleSoft

Many IT suppliers in the Northern Hemisphere, along with many other industries except for retail, are settling in for a long winter’s nap. Apparently data management and integration software vendors, however, didn’t get the memo about a slowdown or temporary shutdown during the latter half of the December. For example: On December 18th, Attunity, a [...]

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MarkLogic Proves the Critical Cloud Database Point

While cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer a cornucopia of database services, conventional wisdom suggests that databases for mission critical apps mainly are and will remain on-premises. That same wisdom expressed from another angle suggests that databases deployed in public clouds work best for dev and test workloads, or make sense for warm [...]

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A Means to an End: Cloud & Virtualization Not a Cure-all

I was on a call listening to a Riverbed customer explain the dilemma they were facing and how Riverbed helped them solve a difficult performance issue. What was really interesting was how the problem came about. The company decided to go to a cloud-based SaaS service for a major application. The good news is that [...]

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