For the past twelve years I have covered the business intelligence and data management markets and have always been impressed by the continued technological advancements with data and analytics. New software developments, the increasing adoption of cloud and big data, and IoT integration with broader analytics initiatives are helping organizations push their data management strategies to the next level. Now, organizations can integration disparate data sources and leverage the platform that best meets their needs. They can implement advanced analytics and predictive models to get more out of their analytics investments. Overall, technology is advanced enough to meet the complex demands of organizations.

Where the market has consistently fallen short, however, is the ability to sell the value of these initiatives to business in a way that relates to how data can be used by organizations to drive business success. All too often software providers focus on the speeds, feeds, and product capabilities. Although important when addressing the challenges of integration and implementation, this approach overlooks the purpose of data and why organizations need visibility into their data. The data itself is very important. At the same time, storing data and analyzing it only provides value if quantifiable. Organizations need to be able to create outcomes from their information assets and software providers need to empower their customers by addressing their business challenges.

Informatica’s branding shift from a product company to a focus on being a full-scale cloud data management platform is a good strategic move that shifts Informatica‘s focus from selling products to supporting their customers more broadly. Focusing on solving business challenges provides benefits to both customers and the company. Instead of selling Powercenter or other projects, organizations will be able to support their full data management strategy and scale up and down as needed. Focusing on business needs helps target business decision makers and lets organizations look at solutions differently. Technologists generally adopt technology based on how it integrates within a broader information ecosystem and product adoption expands as needs evolve. With the market shifting towards business sponsorships, organizations care more about how they can leverage technology to gain business value. Informatica is one of the platform providers meeting this market need.

As their messaging matures and the company continues to shift focus, Informatica will be able to address the data management challenges of organizations more successfully. Organizations will be able to leverage technology in the way that best meets their needs and focus on how their data management needs can tie directly to their data management and business strategies.