Citrix NetScaler, AppFlow, ExtraHop, and the Unrelenting Search for the Perfect Mobile Mail Client

It’s been a long time since I have had time to actually sit down and write a blog entry.  Between travel, projects, and my “Hybrid Cloud Integration Technologies” Radar Report, I’ve been running full speed to keep on top of things. I have been intending, however, to write a few lines inspired by a recent [...]

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Beyond BI to EI: Why Big Data and Hadoop may be Keys to Building Next Generation “Big APM” and “Enterprise Intelligence (EI)”

I am in the process of briefing with vendors and developing survey questions for a research study to be kicked off in the very near future. The survey-based research, entitled “Integration Technologies for Cloud Services”, will be followed later this year by an EMA Radar Report on a similar topic. There can no longer be [...]

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Citrix Analyst conference underscores, once again, the relationship between leadership and innovation

Spring and fall seem to be “travel times” in the Analyst business, and quite a bit of that travel is vendor-related. The analyst role, as I see it, is largely a matter of synthesizing thousands of bits and pieces of vendor, industry, and customer-related information. The intent is to weave a cohesive fabric that accurately [...]

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