Increased Focus on Digital Experience Management Prompts New Research- Done Jointly by Dennis Drogseth and Julie Craig

Digital and user experience management has been the focus of multiple EMA research studies throughout the years, both as a stand-alone topic and as part of EMA’s ongoing examination of critical trends such as digital and operational transformation, IT performance optimization, and of course application performance management (APM). In many respects, optimizing the digital experience [...]

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Innovation Explosion Sets the Stage for New Wave of “Hybrid” Applications

In the past, technology evolution was quantified as generational. So the first generation of computing was based on the vacuum tube, followed by the transistor, integrated circuits, and microprocessors. Even today, multi-generational software and hardware systems are very much alive in many modern data centers. The interesting thing about the generational approach is that it [...]

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APM as a Service: An Elegant Solution to an Ongoing Challenge

Did you ever hear the term “a dog’s breakfast”? It is a slightly old-fashioned description that the folks over at Princeton University’s WordNet[1] define as “a mess[2]”.And if you’re wondering what a dog’s breakfast has to do with Application Performance Management, check out Figure 1. Figure 1: Which of these is your company currently delivering [...]

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Application Management and Application Aware Networking – Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog, I described the information gathered from Application Aware Network Performance Management (ANPM) solutions, as a “key enabler for the increasingly automated management systems of the future”. This blog entry explains why I believe this to be true. Virtually every company with on-premise IT (as opposed to outsourced IT) has [...]

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Five Lessons Learned from 2010 Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) Radar

One of the most interesting elements of any research project is to have the opportunity to speak with those in the IT “front lines” dealing with the challenges of the moment. This was definitely true of the recent ADDM research, and we came away with a wealth of lessons learned. I have highlighted five of [...]

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Five Characteristics of Cloud Services and their Implications for Management Tools Selection

Two years ago it was all about Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Medium- to enterprise-sized businesses were concerned with finding the “right way” to leverage SOA to reap widely-touted cost and revenue advantages. Getting it right meant the business became more nimble and IT became more efficient; getting it wrong meant that "haves" reduced costs and [...]

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Application and Dependency Mapping: “Fastest Route” to Accurate Configuration Management Data

I see Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) solutions as GPS for managing applications. These products automate the process of discovering and maintaining configuration information on applications and their interdependencies. While it is certainly possible to assess high-level performance and availability without accurate configuration information, actually doing something about a problem becomes extremely difficult when this information is not available.

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