Citrix NetScaler, AppFlow, ExtraHop, and the Unrelenting Search for the Perfect Mobile Mail Client

It’s been a long time since I have had time to actually sit down and write a blog entry.  Between travel, projects, and my “Hybrid Cloud Integration Technologies” Radar Report, I’ve been running full speed to keep on top of things. I have been intending, however, to write a few lines inspired by a recent [...]

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Night Terrors: Droid and the Business User

I finally replaced my aging Blackberry recently, mainly because of T-Mobile’s decision to lay off a big hunk of their workforce. I chose T-Mobile several years ago because of high-quality customer service, after dealing with virtually every other carrier (except Sprint) for way too long. So I called Verizon (whose customer service has proven to [...]

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More evidence that great minds think alike

Last week, I blogged on 5 tech-related predictions for 2011. Prediction #4 concerned Internet TV on the tablet. The idea was that tablet users will want to run Internet TV on their tablets, which means massive traffic on 3 and 4G networks. This brings opportunities for vendors such as Citrix, which market soft-appliance-based ADCs (Citrix [...]

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