How is Cloud Computing Impacting Application Management Strategies?

Long time, no blog, right? I've had plenty to keep me busy. I just finished up my most recent “End-to-End Application Management” research study, which extends the “end-to-end application management” concept to Public and Private Cloud. Both the full research paper and a summary version will be posted to the EMA site ( by the [...]

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DevOps: Notes from IBM Innovate

This has been an extremely busy spring for me, and I have been remiss in terms of blog entries. However I did want to briefly discuss some key takeaways from IBM’s recent Innovate conference, the annual get-together for Rational partners, customers, and sundry press and analysts. As always, it was an energetic, dynamic event, but [...]

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Kicking off new research: End-to-end Application Management in the Age of Cloud Computing

“End-to-End Application Management” is one of those terms everybody uses but nobody stops to think about. What does it really mean? Since “inquiring minds need to know”, I started nailing down answers to this question with a 3 part research study back in 2008. I continue to follow up each year, and in doing so [...]

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Amazon Outage is a Heads Up for CIOs: You can outsource the service, but not the responsibility

The recent events at Amazon are notable for multiple reasons, but for those of us who have spent time actually working in IT there are no big surprises there. Technology fails. Big, integrated technology systems fail bigger, and Amazon is definitely one big, honkin’ system. No matter who hosts it—even Amazon—if it is technology-based, it’s [...]

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Looking For ROI In All The Right Places

Last week, I FINALLY published the 2011 ROI Case Studies research, which I had planned to publish back in 2010. The delay was due to competing priorities on my side, and I'd like to thank Robert Zoch (Brainware), Sam Benihya (AppLoader), and Joe Fitzpatrick (Splunk) for hanging in there with me during the lengthy interview, [...]

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IBM Pulse 2011: Building Assets for Today’s Cross-Domain Application Support Scenarios

IBM Pulse 2011 was a low key affair, announcement-wise, compared to past events. Attended by nearly 7,000 people-- a record for this event-- tracks and sessions were plentiful, while major announcements were somewhat sparse. Instead of glitz, however, it was clear that IBM Software has spent the past year building a foundation for new ways [...]

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Watson: A Long Way from “Hello World”

I'm not a big Jeopardy fan, more from lack of time than lack of interest. However, I couldn't resist watching this week's shows, in which Watson "shellacked" the human competition. And as an ex-programmer who has been industry-watching for longer than I care to admit, I have to say a few words about IBM's achievement. [...]

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Application Management and Application Aware Networking – Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog, I described the information gathered from Application Aware Network Performance Management (ANPM) solutions, as a “key enabler for the increasingly automated management systems of the future”. This blog entry explains why I believe this to be true. Virtually every company with on-premise IT (as opposed to outsourced IT) has [...]

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Application Management and Application Aware Networking: Part 1

As many readers know, my colleague Jim Frey, who leads EMA’s Network Management practice, released groundbreaking research on Application Aware Networking (ANPM) in Q3 of 2010 entitled, “Application Awareness in Network Performance Management”. A free summary is available at: While Jim was working on his report, Dennis Drogseth and I were doing parallel research [...]

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