Just say NO– to shelfware

My latest research found that only about 65% of commercial enterprise management products purchased are currently in use-- the rest are languishing on a shelf somewhere, just waiting to be dusted off and deployed. Here are a few tips to ensure that your purchases don't end up in a back room collecting dust. Define your [...]

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Cloud and Integration: The Angelic Child and the Evil Twin

My research focus last year was on Application Performance Management for Cloud services. It uncovered some stunning statistics. More than 40% of IT organizations are supporting API integrations. More than 50% are supporting EAI and/or ESB-based applications. 75% are supporting Web Services and 35% are running SaaS to SaaS integrations. Finally, almost 50% are running transactions [...]

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Beyond BI to EI: Why Big Data and Hadoop may be Keys to Building Next Generation “Big APM” and “Enterprise Intelligence (EI)”

I am in the process of briefing with vendors and developing survey questions for a research study to be kicked off in the very near future. The survey-based research, entitled “Integration Technologies for Cloud Services”, will be followed later this year by an EMA Radar Report on a similar topic. There can no longer be [...]

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Software Vendors: Talk to your Customers!

I read an article by Mark Gibbs in NetworkWorld yesterday that struck a chord. Entitled, “Microsoft, instead of turning the lights off on XP, make it open source”, it was basically calling out Microsoft to “give back” by making XP freely available (http://www.networkworld.com/columnists/2012/041212-backspin.html?source=NWWNLE_nlt_daily_pm_2012-04-12). Mark made the great points that “newest” isn’t always best, and that [...]

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EMA APM Radar Part 2: “Cloud-readiness” and Application Performance Management (APM) vendors

Cloud adoption is challenging traditional application management models and the APM solutions that support them. Private Cloud drives new requirements for depth of visibility to virtual environments and to dynamic change. Public Cloud presents unique management challenges since APM solutions engineered for visibility to on-premise-hosted apps often lack visibility to public Cloud environments. Hybrid cloud [...]

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Quick Preview: EMA Upcoming “Application Performance Management (APM) for Cloud” Radar Report

For the past few months, I have been “heads down” completing my latest EMA Radar Report—which is why I have been notably absent from the Blog- and Twitter- spheres. Entitled “Application Performance Management (APM) for Cloud”, it discusses the challenges of managing Cloud-based applications, and eighteen APM solutions which can help solve them. So what [...]

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Citrix Analyst conference underscores, once again, the relationship between leadership and innovation

Spring and fall seem to be “travel times” in the Analyst business, and quite a bit of that travel is vendor-related. The analyst role, as I see it, is largely a matter of synthesizing thousands of bits and pieces of vendor, industry, and customer-related information. The intent is to weave a cohesive fabric that accurately [...]

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VMworld 2011: APM Highlights

I returned to Colorado late Wednesday (September 31)  from VMworld, 2011. This was my first trip to VMworld and time well spent, particularly in view of my most recent research on how/where end-to-end application management fits in terms of Cloud services deployment. Las Vegas is always fun, and the event was based at the Venetian-- bar [...]

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Gear Up for a Geekfest

One of the hazards of being an Analyst is that it brings out your inner geek. In completing the latest research on “End-to-End Application Management in the Age of Cloud”, it was necessary for me to hole up with a gallon of coffee and a bag of chocolate-covered coffee beans and figure out what Cloud [...]

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