APM in the API Economy

The following is an edited excerpt from Application Performance Management (APM) in the Digital Enterprise: Managing Applications for Cloud, Mobile, IT, and eBusiness by Rick Sturm (CEO, Enterprise Management Associates), Carol Pollard (bio link at: https://cis.appstate.edu/faculty-staff/carol-pollard-phd-0 ) and Julie Craig (Research Director for Applications, Enterprise Management Associates). The book is available now from Amazon. APM [...]

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UEM: Closing Costly Visibility Gaps in Application Delivery Management

Today’s complex computing environments make it difficult to achieve the visibility needed to effectively monitor end-to-end application delivery. For many modern applications, User Experience Monitoring (UEM) solutions are the only real way to measure application quality and responsiveness. As applications become more complex, diverse, and bandwidth intensive, UEM solutions become more essential. New technologies—such as [...]

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Best Practices for Innovating Through Cloud Technologies – Dev/Ops, Cloud Provisioning

A recent Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) blog, Best Practices for Innovating Through Cloud Technologies discusses the results of EMA’s 2014 research on open cloud orchestration. It examines the pros and cons of a variety of cloud form factors and the business benefits of cloud computing in general. EMA has also done a great deal of research [...]

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For Enterprise IT, Continuous Delivery is about more than just continuously delivering

As I write this piece, EMA’s survey team is in the final stages of launching my latest research, “Automating for Digital Transformation: Tools-Driven DevOps and Continuous Software Delivery.” Preliminary data should be in (and shared with survey sponsors) around the beginning of November 2015, with my research paper on the topic out by November 26 [...]

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IBM InterConnect 2015: “Have it Your Way” Hybrid Cloud Delivery with IBM PureApplication Options

Every year, IBM hosts multiple customer conferences and technical events worldwide. In past years, IBM Pulse, Impact, and Innovate have attracted thousands of IT professionals as separate events focusing on application delivery, middleware, and Dev/Ops respectively. Over time, however, it has become increasingly difficult to divide the IT Pie into such neatly-delineated slices. Application delivery [...]

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Innovation Explosion Sets the Stage for New Wave of “Hybrid” Applications

In the past, technology evolution was quantified as generational. So the first generation of computing was based on the vacuum tube, followed by the transistor, integrated circuits, and microprocessors. Even today, multi-generational software and hardware systems are very much alive in many modern data centers. The interesting thing about the generational approach is that it [...]

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Stoking the Application Pipeline with PaaS: Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Platform

Dominique Vernier’s blog, “Leverage SaaS and PaaS to speed up application development,“ provides an excellent overview of IBM’s cloud-based approach to software development and delivery. IBM’s introduction of the Bluemix Platform as a Service (PaaS) to the marketplace earlier this year builds on the existing capabilities of Jazz (/jazz.net/) introduced in 2008. While Jazz addresses [...]

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APM as a Service: An Elegant Solution to an Ongoing Challenge

Did you ever hear the term “a dog’s breakfast”? It is a slightly old-fashioned description that the folks over at Princeton University’s WordNet[1] define as “a mess[2]”.And if you’re wondering what a dog’s breakfast has to do with Application Performance Management, check out Figure 1. Figure 1: Which of these is your company currently delivering [...]

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