Increased Focus on Digital Experience Management Prompts New Research- Done Jointly by Dennis Drogseth and Julie Craig

Digital and user experience management has been the focus of multiple EMA research studies throughout the years, both as a stand-alone topic and as part of EMA’s ongoing examination of critical trends such as digital and operational transformation, IT performance optimization, and of course application performance management (APM). In many respects, optimizing the digital experience [...]

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APM on Premise versus “in the Cloud”: Either, Or, or Both?

The Rise of Cloud-based APM Solutions In my last blog, I called today’s enterprise application landscape “a dog’s breakfast”1 as far as complexity and heterogeneity are concerned. A growing number of APM vendors would likely agree. Regardless of whether you are on the vendor or the consumer side, application management— as opposed to simple application [...]

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Quick Preview: EMA Upcoming “Application Performance Management (APM) for Cloud” Radar Report

For the past few months, I have been “heads down” completing my latest EMA Radar Report—which is why I have been notably absent from the Blog- and Twitter- spheres. Entitled “Application Performance Management (APM) for Cloud”, it discusses the challenges of managing Cloud-based applications, and eighteen APM solutions which can help solve them. So what [...]

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How is Cloud Computing Impacting Application Management Strategies?

Long time, no blog, right? I've had plenty to keep me busy. I just finished up my most recent “End-to-End Application Management” research study, which extends the “end-to-end application management” concept to Public and Private Cloud. Both the full research paper and a summary version will be posted to the EMA site ( by the [...]

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Watson: A Long Way from “Hello World”

I'm not a big Jeopardy fan, more from lack of time than lack of interest. However, I couldn't resist watching this week's shows, in which Watson "shellacked" the human competition. And as an ex-programmer who has been industry-watching for longer than I care to admit, I have to say a few words about IBM's achievement. [...]

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More evidence that great minds think alike

Last week, I blogged on 5 tech-related predictions for 2011. Prediction #4 concerned Internet TV on the tablet. The idea was that tablet users will want to run Internet TV on their tablets, which means massive traffic on 3 and 4G networks. This brings opportunities for vendors such as Citrix, which market soft-appliance-based ADCs (Citrix [...]

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Odd how synchronicity works. Just this morning, I was thinking about the huge amount of military spending going on these days and wondering what would happen to the economy if we just pulled the plug on waging war. It would certainly reduce the top line deficit-- but would also reduce tax revenue collected from all [...]

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Five Lessons Learned from 2010 Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) Radar

One of the most interesting elements of any research project is to have the opportunity to speak with those in the IT “front lines” dealing with the challenges of the moment. This was definitely true of the recent ADDM research, and we came away with a wealth of lessons learned. I have highlighted five of [...]

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Five Characteristics of Cloud Services and their Implications for Management Tools Selection

Two years ago it was all about Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Medium- to enterprise-sized businesses were concerned with finding the “right way” to leverage SOA to reap widely-touted cost and revenue advantages. Getting it right meant the business became more nimble and IT became more efficient; getting it wrong meant that "haves" reduced costs and [...]

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Application and Dependency Mapping: “Fastest Route” to Accurate Configuration Management Data

I see Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) solutions as GPS for managing applications. These products automate the process of discovering and maintaining configuration information on applications and their interdependencies. While it is certainly possible to assess high-level performance and availability without accurate configuration information, actually doing something about a problem becomes extremely difficult when this information is not available.

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