Amazon Outage is a Heads Up for CIOs: You can outsource the service, but not the responsibility

The recent events at Amazon are notable for multiple reasons, but for those of us who have spent time actually working in IT there are no big surprises there. Technology fails. Big, integrated technology systems fail bigger, and Amazon is definitely one big, honkin’ system. No matter who hosts it—even Amazon—if it is technology-based, it’s [...]

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Looking For ROI In All The Right Places

Last week, I FINALLY published the 2011 ROI Case Studies research, which I had planned to publish back in 2010. The delay was due to competing priorities on my side, and I'd like to thank Robert Zoch (Brainware), Sam Benihya (AppLoader), and Joe Fitzpatrick (Splunk) for hanging in there with me during the lengthy interview, [...]

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