Innovation alert: techcello

I always enjoy working with startups because there is so much innovation going on out there. This morning, I briefed with Techcello about the celloSaaS product. This is a solution that enables virtually any company to build multi-tenant SaaS over .NET. While it could certainly be used by ISVs, it also opens up private SaaS [...]

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More evidence that great minds think alike

Last week, I blogged on 5 tech-related predictions for 2011. Prediction #4 concerned Internet TV on the tablet. The idea was that tablet users will want to run Internet TV on their tablets, which means massive traffic on 3 and 4G networks. This brings opportunities for vendors such as Citrix, which market soft-appliance-based ADCs (Citrix [...]

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Five IT Predictions for 2011: #5: Embedded self learning capabilities raise the bar for Application Performance Management vendors

Traditional APM products require significant care and feeding. Customers are required to tune thresholds, for example, to notify when desired performance thresholds are breached. In contrast, today’s leading edge APM solutions are starting to incorporate self-learning capabilities that enable them to “watch” the IT environment and “learn” normal performance levels for specific times of day, [...]

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Five IT Predictions for 2011: #3: Service Desk leads SaaS-based enterprise management into early mainstream

Service Desk leads SaaS-based enterprise management into early mainstream: It’s not as if enterprise management solutions have not been available as SaaS in the past. IBM, BMC, HP, Absolute Performance,, ManageEngine, and others have delivered such functionality for years. But in 2011, there is a difference-- vendors are investing significant R&D into SaaS-enabling their [...]

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Five IT Predictions for 2011: #2. The Rise of Analytics as a Competitive Differentiator

Dennis Drogseth and I recently completed a Radar Report on application discovery and dependency mapping (Link: One outcome of the research was that it became very clear that IT organizations are seeking enterprise management products which incorporate high levels of “intelligence” and self-learning capabilities—both of which rely on sophisticated analytics. The quotes from the [...]

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Odd how synchronicity works. Just this morning, I was thinking about the huge amount of military spending going on these days and wondering what would happen to the economy if we just pulled the plug on waging war. It would certainly reduce the top line deficit-- but would also reduce tax revenue collected from all [...]

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