Is there a NoSQL Identity Crisis

As Big Data initiatives mature into enterprise data sources supported by NoSQL products for analytics and operational systems, a clash of cultures is on the horizon (if not here already). Traditional IT implementations teams and their top-down programs rarely see eye to eye with the grass roots culture of NoSQL platform operators. But this divide [...]

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NoSQL Implementation Drivers

If you look at the history of Big Data requirements (volume, velocity and variety), and the NoSQL platforms supporting those requirements, you see a history of organizations and development teams breaking the mold of traditional information technology (IT) programs. Instead of following the traditional IT methodologies to solve the Big Data issues, these teams pushed [...]

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Non-Sequitor in NoSQL

It is intriguing to see how many organizations are falling under the NoSQL banner. Of these organizations, many are united under the concept that they are not part of the traditional structured data management layer that could be best represented by structured database management systems embodied by relational databases (RDBMs). In this, NoSQL data stores [...]

By | January 17th, 2012|Big Data, Business Intelligence|0 Comments
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