Thinking Beyond Performance for Storage QOS

Businesses are attracted to the public cloud due to the elastic, on-demand and limitless compute and storage it provides to meet ever-changing business needs. The approach used by cloud service providers is to leverage a multi-tenant environment, where multiple clients are sharing the same infrastructure. The sharing of common resources makes the public cloud economically [...]

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Is STaaS the Future of On-Premise Storage?

Data creation and retention are growing at unprecedented rates, fueled by analytics, big data initiatives, the mobile workforce, and social media. This growth in data enables businesses to gain better customer insight, improve marketing, increase operational efficiencies, and make better decisions about new products and enhancements. Both the growth in data volume, as well as [...]

Business Continuity in the Age of the Cloud

The cost of downtime varies significantly across various industries. Estimates range from as much as $6,000,000 an hour for a brokerage business to $90,000 per hour for media services. Backup and disaster recovery or business continuance enable an IT organization to recover from the loss of a file, object, data set, application, or an entire [...]

New Options for Lower Cost Object Storage

Object storage has become an optimal solution for the storing of persistent data and as a target for cloud storage. Object storage differs in that it is stored in a flat address space with the metadata, or “data about the data,” being flexible in length and co-resident with the object. It is the simplest of [...]

SolidFire Analyst Day Observations

I had the opportunity to attend the SolidFire analyst day in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado on February 25. It was a well-attended event, with the day split into SolidFire and customer presentations in the morning, and small, intimate conversational sessions with SolidFire executives and customers in the afternoon. SolidFire is one of a growing [...]

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Flash or HDD for the Best Price/Performance?

Flash technology has proven to be a disruptive force in the storage marketplace. Server and network performance gains over the last decade have been substantial, but the hard drive performance needle has hardly moved. This situation has resulted in server utilization being reduced while waiting on storage input output (I/O) operations to be completed. Server [...]

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The StorHouse is Open

Welcome to “The StorHouse”! This house will accommodate all areas of storage, and there is plenty to cover. As a product manager in storage for 20 years, I had the opportunity to see some pretty interesting changes in the market. Events such as the move to distributed computing, the advent of technologies like virtual disk and snapshot copies and moving from large single [...]

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