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cloud infrastructure_300x190

The New Year is always a good time for new beginnings, and 2015 is no exception.  With the start of 2015, my coverage focus at EMA is shifting and evolving.  After 22+ years in the network management space, including over six years as an industry analyst, I am starting a new chapter by shifting my...

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The dual revolutions of consumerization and cloud have certainly caused much disruption within and around IT. And universally they have also increased the expectations of IT end users. IT-enabled workers and the lines of business they represent are looking for a fast response to new technology needs combined with high levels of service quality—all at...

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It’s sometimes difficult to differentiate between hype and reality when it comes to topics such as cloud, ITaaS, SDN, DevOps, hybrid this and hybrid that. But there are a few certainties in the IT universe and one of them is that IT doesn’t function if all of the pieces can’t talk to one another, and...

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Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to attend IBM‘s Pulse conference, where the company welcomed over 10,000 of its software customers. This group is primarily focused on IBM’s Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure solutions, built largely around the Tivoli and Maximo portfolios. The overall theme of the event was how Cloud is the answer…to everything....

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This year’s theme for CAWorld 2013 was “Go Big: IT with Impact.”  So I thought what the heck – let’s go big.  I stepped back and took a much broader look across the CA Technologies portfolio than I normally would.  Usually, I focus on the network management solutions, which live primarily within CA’s Service Assurance...

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A lot of my coverage over the past couple of years has been focused on the increasingly interesting mix of applications that get delivered over enterprise networks and the impact that has on how networks are being planned and operated. This cocktail has become increasingly volatile, as latency-insensitive traffic loads are mixed with a growing...

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Thanksgiving is a time of gathering and community, and for many of us a primary task, beyond the obvious food, and football traditions, will be to reach out and connect with extended family that can’t be with us in person.  For my family, it will be Skype video chat when possible and phone calls when...

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New Research-n1

Network management best practices still make sense in Cloud and Virtual server...

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Instead of doing the typical industry pundit thing, predicting trends and making bold statements about how things are going to change, I prefer to look forward each year at this time and think more pragmatically about how to improve one’s role and efficiency – to make incremental progress that leads to a better, less stressful...

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iStock complex cube2

One of the sneaky-big trends that gained momentum in during 2010 was the growth of converged infrastructure solutions.  These are next-generation answers to more flexible data centers and cloud service platforms.  Designed to leverage virtualization at all levels, such solutions bundle compute, networking, storage, and hypervisors into modular rack solutions.  With so much in a...

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