Optimizing Cloud for Business Service Delivery: it is easier said than done!

The industry seems to be nearing an inflection point in its attitudes towards cloud computing—as best I can tell from headlines, commentaries and ongoing dialog with IT deployments and vendors.   If I had to put a few simple words around it, the era of “mythic hype” surrounding cloud is nearing its end and diffusing into a much [...]

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How to Manage Your IT Ecosystem– or ITIL v7

Maybe the 21st Century is the Age of Ecosystems.  I suppose the largest for now is our planet.   Taken abstractly, the term “ecosystem” can apply well beyond natural and manmade interdependencies, to political, religious and business- and organizational-driven ecosystems.  And while the concept is a good one, and in some senses a cause for optimism— [...]

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CMDB Systems: the Quiet Revolution

The notion that the CMDB is now entering a “mature” phase is naïve, and in many respects refuted by the high levels of innovation attested to here. We are admittedly looking at toddlers learning to walk, but what a transformation they may bring to the market, and to our whole view of service management, as they take their first few steps!!

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The Virtues of a Living Conversation Versus one Frozen in Stone

EMA consulting once did an analysis of why strategic service management initiatives fail.  These ranged from cross-domain performance management initiatives, to configuration management initiatives with CMDB/CMS enabling foundations,  to company-wide asset management initiatives to name a few.    Of the top ten reasons for failure, only the bottom two (Integration and Discovery) were technology-related.    Three of [...]

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What is Service-centric Asset Management and Why Should you Care?

EMA has been both predicting and advocating a more service-centric model for asset optimization and planning for nearly a decade. This is also, in itself, not a new idea with EMA either. The telecommunications industry and best practices such as the Telecommunication Management Forum’s eTOM guidelines support the logically obvious assumption that if a technology [...]

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Why Most Cloud Deployments Need a Restart

In the research I mentioned in my earlier blog on “Operationalizing Cloud,” we looked at a lot more than technology adoption.  We looked at organizational and process requirements as well. And we also looked at change. As it turned out, 70% of our respondents said that once begun, their cloud initiatives needed rethinking or redirection!! [...]

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