The IT Coffin Corner: Caught Between Virtualization Stall and the Cloud Barrier

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My friend and former EMA colleague Andi Mann has coined a term that distinctively captures the hamstrung state of virtualization in far too many organizations: virtualization stall. But there may be an equally serious problem facing those seeking to expand from virtualization to cloud computing as a true IT service architecture, regardless whether internal or [...]

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A New Security Paradigm: HCIA

(Ed. Note: I've updated this post to incorporate some great feedback I've gotten on it already. I may well do so again to keep it fresh, as I expect to refer to this concept a lot...) In a recent post, I talked about the security value of IT management disciplines such as configuration and change [...]

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Intel-McAfee: First Stroke of Midnight for the IT Security Industry? Or Inflection Point for the Future?

Fortunately for me (I was going to say “unfortunately,” but in retrospect I think it was a Godsend), I was in South America with extremely limited connectivity when the Intel-McAfee story broke. This, however, gave me some time to a) enjoy the spectacular scenery of Rio de Janeiro, and b) formulate my thoughts about this eyebrow-raising deal [...]

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