Effective Security Requires a Change in Mindset and the Protection Paradigm

Nearly every day another successful breach is reported. In 2016 alone, organizations from major governmental agencies such as the IRS and Department of Defense, to major retailers including Wendy’s, have succumbed to attack. These organizations are not alone; every major business and governmental sector has been compromised. Large tech companies such as LinkedIn and Oracle, [...]

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EMA Research Shows that Cyber Security is Achieving Executive Visibility in a Big Way

One of the services that EMA provides to the tech industry is research. During the course of the year, numerous projects are launched to help IT consumers and vendors understand market perceptions. EMA then provides analysis and forecasts on trends based upon those perceptions. These projects have been continued in 2015. EMA has already had [...]

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RSA 2011: A Thumbnail Peek at the Coming Week

One of nature’s great migrations will take place once again next week as the IT security world makes its annual pilgrimage to the RSA Conference in San Francisco. (And yes, dear, it means Valentine's Day spent with a buncha geeks and suits rather than you...go figure.) Herewith a glimpse of some of the main things [...]

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