Cloud Security Alliance Hack-A-Thon and the Software Defined Perimeter

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is a not-for-profit think tank of volunteers that spend their time trying to better the internet. These people are the antithesis of cybercriminals; they spend their energy trying to figure out ways to make our data safer. They create best practices for providing security assurance within cloud computing, or in [...]

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Gaining Data Control with BYOD and Bluebox

What’s the issue with BYOD? Data Control… What’s the issue with Data Sharing? Data Control! Let’s face it, though it took an evolution of about 15 years, industry figured out that Data Management and Control are the underlying security issues.  Data is power, knowledge, money, control.  If you have it you’re in control.  If you [...]

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The Rise of Data-Driven Security, Part 1: Data-Driven Tactics

Last week, Sourcefire announced the acquisition of Immunet, a provider of hosted anti-malware technology that delivers more responsive protection to emerging threats without the need for periodic signature updates. Much of the commentary on this deal has focused on the accelerating momentum of hosted security technology plays, and the advantages of security functionality delivered “from [...]

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The IT Coffin Corner: Caught Between Virtualization Stall and the Cloud Barrier

Flight envelope

My friend and former EMA colleague Andi Mann has coined a term that distinctively captures the hamstrung state of virtualization in far too many organizations: virtualization stall. But there may be an equally serious problem facing those seeking to expand from virtualization to cloud computing as a true IT service architecture, regardless whether internal or [...]

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Security: Going Beyond No

What makes our coverage of security at EMA different? Simply this: We do not see security management as something confined to narrow segments of technology, isolated from other aspects of IT or from the people and processes that make up the business. At first blush, this may seem fairly obvious, considering that security is, after [...]

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