Security in 2013: The “Productization” of Big Data

(UPDATE: This week, both IBM and EMC's RSA Security Division announced new Big Data initiatives in security. More to come on this front...) In my last post, I noted that I expect intelligence and the coordination and integration of defense technologies to be key drivers of the IT security market in 2013.  This is not [...]

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Validating the Rise of Data-Driven Security: EMC/RSA Acquires Silver Tail

This morning, EMC’s RSA Security Division announced its intent to acquire Silver Tail Systems. The press release is here. I’ve written about Silver Tail before, going back to one of my first posts on the rise of data-driven security. In a five-part blog series introduced by that post, I described how data-driven security is evolving [...]

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The Rise of Data-Driven Security: Research Report Now in the EMA Library

For the last several months, I’ve been heads-down on a research project that culminates over a year of investigation into the rise of what I have been calling “data-driven security”: security efforts informed and defined by their reliance on insight – and increasingly enabled by emerging technologies for large-scale data management, as well as by [...]

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Security: A Big Data Problem?

Last week, I had the opportunity to spend a few days with a truly interesting and diverse group of practitioners, who I think are on to the future of information security. It will come as no surprise to anyone who follows this blog that I believe that future is centered on the ability to do [...]

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This Week in New York: A Real-World Workshop on Big Data and Security Intelligence

With the acquisitions of Q1Labs and NitroSecurity last week, the industry's attention has been drawn anew to the value of security information and event management (SIEM). In the enterprise, SIEM is often the focus of security operations, collecting data from a variety of point products, management and monitoring systems. But as I wrote on Tuesday, [...]

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Beyond SIEM: IBM-Q1Labs, McAfee-NitroSecurity and Changing Perceptions of Data-Driven Security

This morning, a pair of announcements were made in the same space: IBM and McAfee are both making acquisitions in security information and event management (SIEM); IBM of Q1Labs, McAfee of NitroSecurity. On the surface, there appear to be few surprises in these deals. Both “acquirees” have been widely rumored to be close to an [...]

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Data-Driven Security Trendspotting: Big Data

I've been looking over this year’s Black Hat agenda with an eye toward new thinking on a topic I've been blogging about over the last several months: the rise of data-driven security. By this I mean the increased leverage of data mining and analysis to deliver more detailed and accurate insight into the reality of security posture [...]

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Security in the Era of Big Data

A lot of ink (digital and otherwise) has been spilled over Wikileaks this year, but there is one central aspect of the recent "cablegate" case that I wonder if we really get in infosec: Simply put, information has gotten huge - and this doesn't just mean the content we must protect. The sheer volume of [...]

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