The Rise of Data-Driven Security, Part 4: The Case for the Fourth Paradigm

When I first cut my teeth in IT security some years ago, I was a systems administrator for a division of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, the parent of the National Center for Atmospheric Research here in Boulder. UCAR/NCAR is what Gordon Bell calls a “data place” – an organization whose mission in part [...]

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The Rise of Data-Driven Security, Part 1: Data-Driven Tactics

Last week, Sourcefire announced the acquisition of Immunet, a provider of hosted anti-malware technology that delivers more responsive protection to emerging threats without the need for periodic signature updates. Much of the commentary on this deal has focused on the accelerating momentum of hosted security technology plays, and the advantages of security functionality delivered “from [...]

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Security in the Era of Big Data

A lot of ink (digital and otherwise) has been spilled over Wikileaks this year, but there is one central aspect of the recent "cablegate" case that I wonder if we really get in infosec: Simply put, information has gotten huge - and this doesn't just mean the content we must protect. The sheer volume of [...]

By | December 16th, 2010|Security|1 Comment
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