The Limits of Packet Capture

In preparation for my new 'Achieving Hi-Fidelity Security' research project, I thought I would post a relevant blog I wrote for I have packet capture data for forensics, isn’t that enough? No! Of late, I have briefed with a number of companies that provide full network packet capture capabilities.  They tout its benefits and that [...]

PFP CyberSecurity Breaks on to the Scene to Identify Malware at the Chip Level.

A few weeks ago, I briefed with a new company called PFP Cybersecurity, also known as Power Fingerprinting, Inc., and was so intrigued by the concept alone that I wrote a Vendor to Watch about them. They officially launched on January 26, and currently their claim to fame is their physics-based scanning technology which monitors [...]

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RSA Describes Breach Attack (and the Problem with APT)

Catching up after a long weekend spent (mostly) offline, and digesting RSA’s Friday disclosure regarding its recent breach. In the plus column for RSA: At least they made an effort to communicate some detail, albeit late, and at no small risk to their reputation no matter how their statement would be received. They were reasonably forthcoming [...]

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