VDI: “Killer App” for the Network, or Network Killer?

A lot my coverage over the past couple of years has been focused on the increasingly interesting mix of applications that get delivered over enterprise networks and the impact that has on how networks are being planned and operated. This cocktail has become increasingly volatile, as latency-insensitive traffic loads are mixed with a growing number [...]

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The Myth of the Single Vendor Unified Management Platform

For the past two decades or so, several leading IT management vendors have tried to convince us that organizations should invest in a single unified management platform for supporting all of IT management needs.  Setting aside for the moment the fact that such an animal does not and cannot possibly exist (no vendor has the [...]

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Device of Choice (DoC): The Impetus to Desktop Virtualization?

The lines between work and personal entertainment have blurred as the devices we use for work and pleasure begin to co-mingle. We can thank the combination of affordable laptop computers, the rise of the smartphone, the move away from proprietary to IP-based networks, and broadband to the home for driving our work and home computing environments onto a [...]

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Optimizing Cloud for Business Service Delivery: it is easier said than done!

The industry seems to be nearing an inflection point in its attitudes towards cloud computing—as best I can tell from headlines, commentaries and ongoing dialog with IT deployments and vendors.   If I had to put a few simple words around it, the era of “mythic hype” surrounding cloud is nearing its end and diffusing into a much [...]

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VMworld 2011: APM Highlights

I returned to Colorado late Wednesday (September 31)  from VMworld, 2011. This was my first trip to VMworld and time well spent, particularly in view of my most recent research on how/where end-to-end application management fits in terms of Cloud services deployment. Las Vegas is always fun, and the event was based at the Venetian– bar [...]

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Gear Up for a Geekfest

One of the hazards of being an Analyst is that it brings out your inner geek. In completing the latest research on “End-to-End Application Management in the Age of Cloud”, it was necessary for me to hole up with a gallon of coffee and a bag of chocolate-covered coffee beans and figure out what Cloud [...]

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EMC/RSA Acquires NetWitness: Data-Driven Security Goes Mainstream

No sooner had the ink dried on RSA’s disclosure of the nature of the attack that resulted in its high-profile breach than NetWitness, RSA’s partner in investigating this incident, announced its acquisition by RSA parent EMC. (Given the fact that the deal is already closed, it’s safe to assume that due diligence well preceded this event.) [...]

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Application Management and Application Aware Networking – Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog, I described the information gathered from Application Aware Network Performance Management (ANPM) solutions, as a “key enabler for the increasingly automated management systems of the future”. This blog entry explains why I believe this to be true. Virtually every company with on-premise IT (as opposed to outsourced IT) has [...]

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Ten Things to Watch for in 2011

A lot comes to mind with a title like this one.  So, let’s start by wiping away areas like politics and finances (except as they relate to IT), births, deaths, marriages and celebrities.  In fact, there’s still a very long list of possibilities by just focusing on IT and everything that goes into managing and [...]

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