Five IT Predictions for 2011: #2. The Rise of Analytics as a Competitive Differentiator

Dennis Drogseth and I recently completed a Radar Report on application discovery and dependency mapping (Link: One outcome of the research was that it became very clear that IT organizations are seeking enterprise management products which incorporate high levels of “intelligence” and self-learning capabilities—both of which rely on sophisticated analytics. The quotes from the [...]

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Teradata Acquires Aprimo for $525 Million

Teradata announced their acquisition of Aprimo for approximately 525 million dollars. The company is a leader in the Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) space currently a 5 billion sector. Aprimo drives much of its revenue from SaaS delivered services and will add depth to Teradata’s overall SaaS offerings and strategy. Aprimo serves 36% of Fortune 100 [...]

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SaaS Business Intelligence Checklist

How does your business intelligence software as a service (SaaS) vendor check out on our SaaS Business Intelligence Top Ten Checklist? There are dozens of data points to consider when comparing enterprise level SaaS solutions. The following ten are my favorite and I believe the most critical when investigating the best product for your company. [...]

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Business Intelligence and Data Management as a Service

The best part of my job here at EMA is the flexibility I get to cover the business intelligence space. Following important trends is both challenging and exciting. This year has brought many new technologies to the surface, analytic appliances, real-time data, Hadoop and Software as a Service (SaaS) are all leaving their mark on [...]

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