What do Cloud, Integration, Mobile & Big Data have in common?

Looking back over this year’s blog posts reminds me that I’ve been heavy on Cloud – and Integration-related topics. And a review of my recent “Cloud Integration” survey has convinced me that I’m not finished yet.  As a matter of fact, from an Application Management perspective, the conversation is just beginning. Four of today’s hottest [...]

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Cloud and Integration: The Angelic Child and the Evil Twin

My research focus last year was on Application Performance Management for Cloud services. It uncovered some stunning statistics. More than 40% of IT organizations are supporting API integrations. More than 50% are supporting EAI and/or ESB-based applications. 75% are supporting Web Services and 35% are running SaaS to SaaS integrations. Finally, almost 50% are running transactions [...]

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Quick Preview: EMA Upcoming “Application Performance Management (APM) for Cloud” Radar Report

For the past few months, I have been “heads down” completing my latest EMA Radar Report—which is why I have been notably absent from the Blog- and Twitter- spheres. Entitled “Application Performance Management (APM) for Cloud”, it discusses the challenges of managing Cloud-based applications, and eighteen APM solutions which can help solve them. So what [...]

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The power of multi-tenant IT management services

I’ve been as cynical as the next IT old timer about Cloud. Various ownership models are nothing new, nor are shared resource pools. But in my briefings I’ve come across two things that I think are truly game changing about Cloud: Multi-tenant analytics. For example, order-of-magnitude better benchmarking (and that’s not all). Multi-tenant professional services. [...]

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Gear Up for a Geekfest

One of the hazards of being an Analyst is that it brings out your inner geek. In completing the latest research on “End-to-End Application Management in the Age of Cloud”, it was necessary for me to hole up with a gallon of coffee and a bag of chocolate-covered coffee beans and figure out what Cloud [...]

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How is Cloud Computing Impacting Application Management Strategies?

Long time, no blog, right? I’ve had plenty to keep me busy. I just finished up my most recent “End-to-End Application Management” research study, which extends the “end-to-end application management” concept to Public and Private Cloud. Both the full research paper and a summary version will be posted to the EMA site (www.emausa.com) by the [...]

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CA chooses SalesForce.com Chatter for Clarity PPM social media

Quick note: CA announced that Clarity, their Project Portfolio Management offering, will use SalesForce.com’s Chatter network. Clarity is already available in an on-demand (SaaS) version. This is an interesting development given that CA also has built an in-house social networking platform for its ITSM suite, OpenSpace, which is also available as SaaS. I predict there [...]

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Five IT Predictions for 2011: #3: Service Desk leads SaaS-based enterprise management into early mainstream

Service Desk leads SaaS-based enterprise management into early mainstream: It’s not as if enterprise management solutions have not been available as SaaS in the past. IBM, BMC, HP, Absolute Performance, Service-now.com, ManageEngine, and others have delivered such functionality for years. But in 2011, there is a difference– vendors are investing significant R&D into SaaS-enabling their [...]

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