More on next gen ITM

Spent some time today writing up Serena’s new Demand Management offering; look for an Impact Brief shortly. Along these lines, I’m tracking a number of what I call next generation IT management vendors, which by my definition must incorporate both project and service management capabilities on a common platform with integrated resource management. It’s still [...]

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Adaptive Case Management and IT process

I’ve been reading Mastering the Unpredictable: How Adaptive Case Management will Revolutionize the Way That Knowledge Workers Get Things Done. This interesting book brings several current topics together, including complexity theory, business process management (BPM), and the evolving practices around knowledge work. Adaptive Case Management (ACM) argues that in knowledge work, processes need to be [...]

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Second edition of Architecture and Patterns for IT

This week marked an event I’ve been anticipating for a long time: the general availability of the revised edition of my book, Architecture and Patterns for IT: Service Management, Portfolio Management, and Governance (Making Shoes for the Cobbler’s Children). (Amazon should go live on Friday, including the $9.99 Kindle version, such a deal – but [...]

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IBM Pulse 2011: Building Assets for Today’s Cross-Domain Application Support Scenarios

IBM Pulse 2011 was a low key affair, announcement-wise, compared to past events. Attended by nearly 7,000 people– a record for this event– tracks and sessions were plentiful, while major announcements were somewhat sparse. Instead of glitz, however, it was clear that IBM Software has spent the past year building a foundation for new ways [...]

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Insights from “Operationalizing Cloud” Research

EMA has just collected some new data regarding how IT organizations are seeking to assimilate cloud services from a top-down, service management perspective. The data gathered in December of 2010, spanned 155 global respondents with high percentages of executives (better than 50% director and above) – as the goal was to understand how senior management and cross-domain [...]

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Ten Things to Watch for in 2011

A lot comes to mind with a title like this one.  So, let’s start by wiping away areas like politics and finances (except as they relate to IT), births, deaths, marriages and celebrities.  In fact, there’s still a very long list of possibilities by just focusing on IT and everything that goes into managing and [...]

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Contrarian Accelerators

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, I’ve had time to reflect on a concept that I’ve decided to call “Contrarian Accelerators.” The first name I came up with as “Perverse Accelerators” – which seemed more memorable, but a tad politically incorrect, somehow. The best adjective – and I’m open to suggestions – would fall somewhere between “contrarian” [...]

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Points of Integration

Sometimes… OK most of the time …  the terms and words we use for “things” in service management are in themselves landmines. One of the worst culprits is of course the term “CMDB” which I like to compare to ‘The Holy Roman Empire” – which as H.G. Wells pointed out was neither “holy” nor “Roman” [...]

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Assuring Network Performance the Service-Centric Way

By now, most IT professionals should be familiar with the concept of service management. In many enterprise IT shops, service management is an initiative with roots in the help desk. Still, as networking professionals pick up their heads and look around at the changes going on in IT, combined with the fact that the organizations [...]

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