In Search of a Strategic Imperative for Managing Enterprise Content: Lessons from AIIM, ECM Vendors and the User Community

Despite conventional wisdom that assumes an enterprise needs to give ample consideration to how its workers and processes support the overall mission prior to successfully implementing complex solutions, personal devices and social media are radically changing work behaviors and technology adoption – for better or worse. Smartphones and tablets coupled with the rise in the [...]

By | April 6th, 2012|Enterprise Content, Gary MacFadden|0 Comments

The Myth of the Single Vendor Unified Management Platform

For the past two decades or so, several leading IT management vendors have tried to convince us that organizations should invest in a single unified management platform for supporting all of IT management needs.  Setting aside for the moment the fact that such an animal does not and cannot possibly exist (no vendor has the [...]

By | January 9th, 2012|IT Management, Steve Brasen, Systems Management|0 Comments

Information Governance in the Age of Analytics, Big Data, eDiscovery and Social Media

As the digital world becomes increasingly more connected at the individual and organizational levels, our desire to derive insight from the collective stacks of electronically stored information (ESI) has fueled technology innovation and enabled companies to leverage these technologies and to transform their businesses as well as people’s lives. Meanwhile, organizations are in danger of [...]

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IBM Gives Industry Analysts Glimpse of the Future: How Will They Meet the Challenges Ahead?

Despite a generally lackluster world economy, IBM is thriving. This year IBM celebrated the 100thanniversary of its founding and there is much for IBMers, their customers and stockholders to be happy about. Today, IBM is without a doubt the premier enterprise technology company in the world admired by millions and the envy of other technology [...]

By | December 16th, 2011|Enterprise Content, Gary MacFadden|0 Comments

Oracle Continues MA Activities with Endeca

Yesterday, Oracle announced their intent to purchase Endeca, a vendor of unstructured data management and web commerce solutions. The purchase aligns well with Oracles recent announcements relating to unstructured data integration.  Specifically, the press release states: “combination of Oracle and Endeca is expected to create a comprehensive technology platform to process, store, manage, search and analyze structured [...]

By | October 19th, 2011|Business Intelligence, John Myers|0 Comments

HP No longer a player in business intelligence

I cover many business intelligence vendors; some execute and some don’t.  I started in this industry back in the mid 90′s and I don’t think I have  witnessed another meltdown quite like HP’s business intelligence group. This morning HP announced that it would no longer actively sell its NeoView BI solution. Its not uncommon for [...]

By | January 26th, 2011|Shawn Rogers|0 Comments
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