The Software Defined Datacenter: Part 4 of 4 – Where We Are Today

Almost one year into the discussion about the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), it is time to take inventory of the state of the discipline. As a reminder, the ultimate goal of the SDDC is to abstract and centralize the management of compute, network, storage, operating systems, middleware and applications in order to dynamically place [...]

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Citrix NetScaler, AppFlow, ExtraHop, and the Unrelenting Search for the Perfect Mobile Mail Client

It’s been a long time since I have had time to actually sit down and write a blog entry.  Between travel, projects, and my “Hybrid Cloud Integration Technologies” Radar Report, I’ve been running full speed to keep on top of things. I have been intending, however, to write a few lines inspired by a recent [...]

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Why I’m at IBM’s Information on Demand Conference This Week

This week, I’m at a big vendor’s big conference – a conference which, on the surface, may not appear to be primarily about security: IBM’s Information on Demand event in Las Vegas. “But you’re a security analyst.  Why are you going to IOD?” you ask. (And if you didn’t, let me explain:) With over 12,000 [...]

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The Software-Defined Datacenter: Part 1 of 4 – The Basics

The ultimate goal of the Software-Defined Datacenter (SDD), a term coined only a few months ago by VMware’s Steve Herrod, is to centrally control all aspects of the data center – compute, networking, storage – through hardware-independent management and virtualization software. This software will also provide the advanced features that currently constitute the main differentiators [...]

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Integrated Systems for the Enterprise Masses: Expertise in a Box or in the Cloud

Competition for who owns the data center and which vendors will dominate the cloud services space is heating up. Over the last several days, major enterprise technology vendors such as Dell, EMC, HP, IBM and Oracle have all made announcements relative to what many consider to be groundbreaking progress in rolling out a new generation [...]

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In Search of a Strategic Imperative for Managing Enterprise Content: Lessons from AIIM, ECM Vendors and the User Community

Despite conventional wisdom that assumes an enterprise needs to give ample consideration to how its workers and processes support the overall mission prior to successfully implementing complex solutions, personal devices and social media are radically changing work behaviors and technology adoption – for better or worse. Smartphones and tablets coupled with the rise in the [...]

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