Commercial IBM Watson is Building a Mystery

IBM turned its Watson hype engine to “high” on the morning of January 9th when IBM CEO Ginni Rometty announced the formation of a new business group for IBM Watson, led by SVP Michael Rhodin.  Ms. Rometty and Mr. Rhodin kicked-off and MC’d the live and streamed event outlining the announcement, which included supportive talks [...]

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IBM’s Big Bets: Cognitive and Analytics

IBM boasts an extensive portfolio of products and services to help organizations develop analytics solutions to gain business advantage and to improve the human condition. At IBM Information on Demand ("IOD") in Las Vegas the first week of November, IBM SVP and Group Executive Steve Mills, and other IBM executives, unveiled 30 announcements that identified [...]

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Rapid Evolution – OpenStack Is Growing Up

The Havana release of OpenStack was launched on October 17, about three weeks prior to the OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong.  As always, there are many new features -high availability, load balancing, easier upgrades, plugins for development tools, improved SDN support, fiber channel SAN support, improved bare metal capabilities- and even two new core components, [...]

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VMworld 2013 Digest – 8 Companies You Should Take a Closer Look At

Every year after VMworld EMA receives countless inquiries regarding the most notable vendors on the show floor. This time around, we have compiled a list consisting of startups taking a new look at traditional IT challenges, as well as larger and more mature companies that have launched industry transforming initiatives. Ultimately, this list of eight [...]

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The Impact of Cloud on Data Protection: Ripple or Sharknado™

It’s always like that in enterprise IT. There’s this incredible new technology that lets you do things you could never even fathom possible. But then, once the honeymoon is over, the old problems come back to bite you with a vengeance. Data Protection Reloaded – This Time it’s Non-Trivial Now let’s translate this scenario to [...]

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OpenStack Thoughts – Part 2: Impact on VMware

At EMA, we constantly receive inquiries regarding what OpenStack means to the VMware portfolio. Is it a competing technology? Are OpenStack and vCloud complementary? Why did VMware join OpenStack? What are the typical use cases for OpenStack as opposed to vCloud? To address these questions, let’s take a step back and take a look at what [...]

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Dell’s Clean Slate Approach to Enterprise IT

Breaking News: Dell Acquires Enstratius to Further Complete Its Cloud Story Today, on May 6, 2013, Dell acquired Enstratius, a company aimed at deploying, automating and managing applications in complex hybrid cloud environments. Enstratius enforces governance and security in the cloud, offering automated scaling, disaster recovery and cloud bursting. The Enstratius solution supports all popular [...]

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OpenStack Thoughts – Part 1: Key Business Considerations

OpenStack’s huge momentum is undeniable. IBM, RedHat, NetApp, Rackspace, HP, Dell, Cisco, Intel and even VMware have committed significant funds and human resources to this project. But why would companies, that are otherwise competing rather fiercely, sit on one table to build an OpenSource cloud platform? The answer is certainly not “altruism”, as this is [...]

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