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Recently, when asked what the “next big thing” was, Ann Winblad, renowned venture capital investor, responded: “Data is the new oil.” I agree with Ann but to get value from crude oil it must be processed.  And that is often what is lost in the buzz surrounding the Volume, Velocity and Variety (3Vs) attributes of...

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For years our data management universe has been centered around the enterprise data warehouse (EDW). The EDW has served us well and created a foundation for todays sophisticated analytics. A paradigm shift driven by a maturing user community, new technology, economics and valuable data types is moving us towards a hybrid data ecosystem that strives to match the workload and...

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evolving data warehouse sm

When I got into this business it seemed most discussions about data management were centric to “how do we fit that information into the enterprise data warehouse?” Other options were considered a bad strategy or just plain too expensive to make sense. Over the past few years new data types, demands for deeper analysis, compliance...

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