Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: The Promised Land for Lowering IT OPEX, Decreasing Operational Risk and Optimally Supporting Business Goals

What should machine and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) do for IT operations, DevOps and container management? The following table represents my quick outline of the key challenges and specific problem ML/AI needs to address. The table is based on the believe that ML/AI needs to look over the shoulder of IT ops, DevOps, and business management teams [...]

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Automating Change: The Key to Proactive IT Management

Reflecting on my earlier career in IT management, I have to confess to a level of astonishment at how naïve IT administrative practices were just a decade or two ago. Failure events were common, and most organizations just accepted as immutable fact the reality of systemic firefighting. IT services critical to business operations were all [...]

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The State of the Software Defined Data Center

Of course, I always encourage practitioners to carefully study the full EMA research report on the “Obstacles and Priorities on the Journey to the Software-Defined Data Center” or at least read the research study summary or at the very least join the EMA SDDC Research webinar on February 18, but I still want to briefly [...]

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Can Puppet Solve the Network Configuration Dilemma?

In recent months both Cisco and Juniper have been talking about Puppet. In February, Juniper announced an early adopter release of Puppet for Junos OS. At the Network Field Day event, Cisco demonstrated onePK + Puppet. When I hear Puppet, I think sys admin not network operator. Why then the growing buzz around Puppet and [...]

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From “plan / build / run” to “demand / supply / execute”

I want to outline briefly some ideas I’ve had recently about our fundamental models for understanding IT management. In 1968, Melvin Conway proposed an insightful law, basically stating that our systems are copies of our communication structure (how we interact as human beings). And while this law is often applied in discussions of computer program structure, [...]

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Semantics matter: the troubled world of IT terminology

On March 27, 1977, two Boeing 747 passenger aircraft collided on the Spanish island of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, in the deadliest accident in aviation history. 583 people perished. Like the Titanic, a multitude of causes converged into the disaster. A terrorist bomb at a another airport, an overstretched small regional facility, a [...]

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DevOps: Notes from IBM Innovate

This has been an extremely busy spring for me, and I have been remiss in terms of blog entries. However I did want to briefly discuss some key takeaways from IBM’s recent Innovate conference, the annual get-together for Rational partners, customers, and sundry press and analysts. As always, it was an energetic, dynamic event, but [...]

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Service aggregation, integration, and transformation

IT management is undergoing a tectonic shift. The increasing pace of business, the emergence of cloud computing, the spread of social media, and the general public’s exposure to commercial application stores (Android and Apple) are all converging to a crisis point. Less obvious but perhaps more fundamental forces include the increasing influence of Lean theory [...]

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