Microsoft Challenges Amazon and Google with Deis Acquisition

One week after the GA of Azure Container Registry and only two months after the availability of Kubernetes on Azure Container Service, Microsoft acquires Deis, the guys who make open source Kubernetes management software (Helm, Steward and Workflow), from PaaS Cloud Provider Engine Yard. The Deis slogan is “making Kubernetes easy to use.” With the Deis [...]

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How to Unleash the Full Value of Hybrid Cloud

In an ideal world, customers would be able to fully take advantage of the benefits of hybrid cloud by rationally matching infrastructure parameters -cost, performance, reliability, availability, security, regulatory compliance, scalability- with the requirements and dependencies of each application. In reality, customers are running into the following 3 challenges: Challenge #1 - Too Much Complexity [...]

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Dell SecureWorks and Risk I/O team up to deliver a better kind of Vulnerability Management

On April 23rd, 2014 Dell announced its new Vulnerability Threat Monitoring and Prioritization service delivered through the SecureWorks Counter Threat Platform.  This managed service was created to expand the current Vulnerability Management offerings and increase customer value by creating the ability for customers to integrate their own vulnerability management systems.  With the additional context provided [...]

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Dell’s Clean Slate Approach to Enterprise IT

Breaking News: Dell Acquires Enstratius to Further Complete Its Cloud Story Today, on May 6, 2013, Dell acquired Enstratius, a company aimed at deploying, automating and managing applications in complex hybrid cloud environments. Enstratius enforces governance and security in the cloud, offering automated scaling, disaster recovery and cloud bursting. The Enstratius solution supports all popular [...]

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Integrated Systems for the Enterprise Masses: Expertise in a Box or in the Cloud

Competition for who owns the data center and which vendors will dominate the cloud services space is heating up. Over the last several days, major enterprise technology vendors such as Dell, EMC, HP, IBM and Oracle have all made announcements relative to what many consider to be groundbreaking progress in rolling out a new generation [...]

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Behind Oracle’s Disappointing 2nd Quarter Numbers: Europe, Big Data, Competition, The Setting of Sun or All The Above?

After a blisteringly hot day for all of the US stock indices yesterday, the news following the close of the markets that Oracle had missed its quarterly numbers for the first time in 10 years came as a bit of shock to investors. Whether or not continued world economic woes, especially in Europe, will affect [...]

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Dell-SecureWorks: Some Initial Thoughts

One of the things that has amused me to no end in this business is the number of times I have encountered product vendors who emphatically do not want to be characterized as being “a security vendor.” I understand the rationale, as far as it goes: vendors of infrastructure and application technologies do not want [...]

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HP and Dell fighting over 3Par

I have to admit earlier this week I thought Hewlett Packard’s (HP) move to outbid Dell for 3PAR was more a competitive jab than anything else. Last week Dell and 3Par came to terms for a $1.15bn deal but HP jumped in the game on Monday this week with a significantly larger offer bringing the [...]

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