Informatica Again Pushing Out the Edges of Integration

What do you do for a follow-up act after a record year?  Given the plentiful demand but also the highly competitive environment of the integration software market, you continue to push out integration’s innovative edges and improve the customer value proposition.  That is precisely what Informatica is doing with it latest version of its market [...]

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IBM’s Big Bets: Cognitive and Analytics

IBM boasts an extensive portfolio of products and services to help organizations develop analytics solutions to gain business advantage and to improve the human condition. At IBM Information on Demand ("IOD") in Las Vegas the first week of November, IBM SVP and Group Executive Steve Mills, and other IBM executives, unveiled 30 announcements that identified [...]

By | November 22nd, 2013|Evan Quinn|1 Comment

Data Virtualization and the Network = Disruption

Data virtualization (DV) is a hot topic these days. More companies are adopting the technology to add agility and consistency to their data management landscape. A driver to this adoption is the shift away from enterprise data warehouse (EDW) centric architectures to embrace a new multi-platform driven strategy. Adding additional purpose built platforms (analytic appliances, [...]

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Supporting Lean Integration Principles and Reuse with Data Virtualization

There is highly valuable synergy between line of business (LOB) executives and data/business analysts in today’s information driven work environments. Unfortunately complex processes and data integration “hairballs” cause analysts to spend most of their time bogged down in mundane data integration tasks instead of collaborating with executives to supply critical business insights. Sadly this is [...]

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Corporate Data Return on Investment

Informatica Goal: Maximize Return on Data The theme of last week’s Informatica Analyst Conference was utilizing the “secular megatrends” of information technology to energize data integration across organizations at an enterprise scale.  These megatrends, described as trends we can all agree upon, are the following: Cloud Computing Social Media Mobile Big Data Informatica’s message is [...]

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ETL 2.0

Are you rethinking your data integration strategies? is the introduction of Big Data having an impact on that strategy? Jorge Lopez of Syncsort makes a compelling point around the challenges and the cost of doing Big Data integration with traditional methods. Check out the video for an overview.   I believe that innovation in data [...]

By | August 11th, 2011|Business Intelligence, Shawn Rogers|0 Comments
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