We ended 2013 with all sorts of vendors jumping on the SDN bandwagon, which has done more to confuse the issue than to solve any real world business problems. So we must ask ourselves what is SDN really? Well at this point it could be anything from a dessert topping to a floor polish depending...

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Discovering, capturing and making sense of complex interdependencies is central to running IT organizations more effectively, and it is also a critical part of running the businesses IT serves. Whether it’s optimizing a network, or an application infrastructure, managing change, or providing more effective security-related access—more often than not these problems involve a complex set...

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posted by Tracy Corbo   | November 7, 2013 | 0 Comments


Cisco spin-in (now fully spun in) Insieme and I have to say it was not what I expected. It looks like Insieme is not an SDN controller, but rather an application controller or more aptly an application policy engine that will sit inside Cisco’s Nexus 9000 switches. The solution will be part of a larger...

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Data virtualization (DV) is a hot topic these days. More companies are adopting the technology to add agility and consistency to their data management landscape. A driver to this adoption is the shift away from enterprise data warehouse (EDW) centric architectures to embrace a new multi-platform driven strategy. Adding additional purpose built platforms (analytic appliances,...

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Fresh off a week at the C-scape, the Cisco analyst event that takes place alongside their user conference Cisco Live! in Orlando, I thought I would attempt to summarize my takeaways regarding Cisco and SDN. To be honest there was not a lot new, but at the same time I feel I have a better...

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SDN does not spell doom and gloom for traditional networking vendors – that is just a lot of hype drummed up by some who have a different story to tell and who tend to come from datacenter centric mindsets.  Too often when something new and game changing comes along, folks are all too willing to...

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Juniper’s SDN strategy is well thought out and is not dissimilar to Cisco’s approach in that they are looking to make their network equipment less rigid and more flexible and adaptable. Oh and I do look forward to hearing more about the plans for “centralizing the appropriate aspects of the management, services and control software...

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For the third year in a row, I will resist the temptation to predict the future of network management, and instead will recommend key focus points that network engineering, management, and operations professionals should keep in mind looking ahead. Last year’s resolutions dealt with cloud, converged infrastructure, VDI, application awareness, and making the shift from...

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Well I have spent days slogging through what I can find about SDN and the role management will play as we plan out our research calendar for the coming year.  On the topic of management there is nothing.  Management as always is going to be an after thought, period. There is still a huge gap...

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In Barcelona, Spain at the Citrix Synergy conference, Cisco and Citrix announced an expansion of their current partnership, built around desktop virtualization, into three new areas including:  cloud networking, cloud orchestration, and mobile workstyles. The expanded partnership will include a significant investment in people and resources to develop the technology, provide integration, and validation of...

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