EMA Partners with Dresner Advisory Services

I’m pleased to announce our partnership with Dresner Advisory Services LLC. We will be delivering the first annual Business Intelligence Professional Services Market Study. The research will focus on rating and ranking the leading business intelligence professional services firms on measures of performance, expertise and value, while bringing to light important market and technology trends, [...]

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SaaS Business Intelligence Checklist

How does your business intelligence software as a service (SaaS) vendor check out on our SaaS Business Intelligence Top Ten Checklist? There are dozens of data points to consider when comparing enterprise level SaaS solutions. The following ten are my favorite and I believe the most critical when investigating the best product for your company. [...]

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Update from TDWI World Conference Orlando

I’ve met with seven companies since my arrival in Orlando yesterday and I’m happy to report that things seem to be continuing in the right direction in the business intelligence space. The attendance is up over last years event and the vendors are talking about growing sales and more importantly innovation. The hot topic is [...]

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Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Cognos 10

IBM Strengthens Their Business Analytics Foundation with IBM Cognos 10 IBM’s dedication to business analytics is clearly visible in the latest release from IBM Cognos. When IBM acquired Cognos in 2007 they began to systematically move Cognos to the center of their analytics offering. Since 2006 IBM has invested $12 billion into 24 different companies [...]

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Business Intelligence and Data Management as a Service

The best part of my job here at EMA is the flexibility I get to cover the business intelligence space. Following important trends is both challenging and exciting. This year has brought many new technologies to the surface, analytic appliances, real-time data, Hadoop and Software as a Service (SaaS) are all leaving their mark on [...]

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