SAP Rolls Out Version 4 for Business Intelligence and EIM

The much awaited 4.0 release for SAP BI and EIM was announced today in NY. It featured a high level of integration with other applications on the platform along with a focus on mobile business intelligence, social data analytics, complex event processing, real-time in-memory analytics with the new HANA – High Performance Analytic Appliance. Additionally [...]

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Top 10 Twitter Posts from #TDWI – Las Vegas

B_Incisive: Sr Strategist Anne Scarisbrick-Hauser from #TDWI: In a fire save the priceless desk or $2 CD full of company data?… bradbourne: – I AM A CBIP!!!! Passed the last test and I’m official! #tdwi #tdwilv #cbip wjdataguy: Great keynote from @tracykowal! IT folks need to rip a page out of Business 101 textbooks. [...]

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HP to Acquire Vertica

I’ve been pretty tough on HP recently (see post) for a lack of strategy and poor communication around their overall business intelligence offerings. They failed in their attempt to leverage NeoView and up till last week looked to be stepping back into their services and hardware partner role. Recent partner announcements with Microsoft and SAP [...]

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HP No longer a player in business intelligence

I cover many business intelligence vendors; some execute and some don’t.  I started in this industry back in the mid 90′s and I don’t think I have  witnessed another meltdown quite like HP’s business intelligence group. This morning HP announced that it would no longer actively sell its NeoView BI solution. Its not uncommon for [...]

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Five IT Predictions for 2011: #2. The Rise of Analytics as a Competitive Differentiator

Dennis Drogseth and I recently completed a Radar Report on application discovery and dependency mapping (Link: One outcome of the research was that it became very clear that IT organizations are seeking enterprise management products which incorporate high levels of “intelligence” and self-learning capabilities—both of which rely on sophisticated analytics. The quotes from the [...]

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SaaS Business Intelligence Checklist – Architecture and Features

This post is part 3 of a ten part series on the important things to consider when working with SaaS business Intelligence vendors. Part 1, Part 2 Today’s topic is Architecture and Feature Sets for SaaS Business Intelligence Solutions Cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) both took significant steps forward in 2010. Early [...]

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EMA Partners with Dresner Advisory Services

I’m pleased to announce our partnership with Dresner Advisory Services LLC. We will be delivering the first annual Business Intelligence Professional Services Market Study. The research will focus on rating and ranking the leading business intelligence professional services firms on measures of performance, expertise and value, while bringing to light important market and technology trends, [...]

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SaaS Business Intelligence Checklist

How does your business intelligence software as a service (SaaS) vendor check out on our SaaS Business Intelligence Top Ten Checklist? There are dozens of data points to consider when comparing enterprise level SaaS solutions. The following ten are my favorite and I believe the most critical when investigating the best product for your company. [...]

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