Dell’s Clean Slate Approach to Enterprise IT

Breaking News: Dell Acquires Enstratius to Further Complete Its Cloud Story Today, on May 6, 2013, Dell acquired Enstratius, a company aimed at deploying, automating and managing applications in complex hybrid cloud environments. Enstratius enforces governance and security in the cloud, offering automated scaling, disaster recovery and cloud bursting. The Enstratius solution supports all popular [...]

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The Software-Defined Datacenter: Part 1 of 4 – The Basics

The ultimate goal of the Software-Defined Datacenter (SDD), a term coined only a few months ago by VMware’s Steve Herrod, is to centrally control all aspects of the data center – compute, networking, storage – through hardware-independent management and virtualization software. This software will also provide the advanced features that currently constitute the main differentiators [...]

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EMA Radar for Workload Automation 2012 – Key Findings

During this year’s research for the 2012 EMA Workload Automation (WLA) Radar Report, we encountered a number of very interesting core findings. These research results mostly originated from dozens of conversations with end customers, who have been using WLA software for many years and sometimes even for decades. WLA, by definition, is a mature discipline, [...]

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Next generation IT management

Here is my yearly prediction column, a bit delayed. Topic of the day is next generation IT management. (Not next generation IT; plenty of folks are covering that!) The tools market for IT service management is glutted. My friend Jan van Bon has been curating a list of “ITIL tools” that is now up [...]

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Workload Automation: A Future Outlook

Almost all of today’s business processes are supported and complemented by enterprise IT applications. These applications are often business-critical and therefore tied to strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Most enterprises utilize sophisticated monitoring tools to track system health on the application, operating system, hypervisor, hardware, network resources, and storage levels. These health monitoring tools send [...]

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VMworld 2011: APM Highlights

I returned to Colorado late Wednesday (September 31)  from VMworld, 2011. This was my first trip to VMworld and time well spent, particularly in view of my most recent research on how/where end-to-end application management fits in terms of Cloud services deployment. Las Vegas is always fun, and the event was based at the Venetian– bar [...]

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Five IT Predictions for 2011: #3: Service Desk leads SaaS-based enterprise management into early mainstream

Service Desk leads SaaS-based enterprise management into early mainstream: It’s not as if enterprise management solutions have not been available as SaaS in the past. IBM, BMC, HP, Absolute Performance,, ManageEngine, and others have delivered such functionality for years. But in 2011, there is a difference– vendors are investing significant R&D into SaaS-enabling their [...]

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