Is there a NoSQL Identity Crisis

As Big Data initiatives mature into enterprise data sources supported by NoSQL products for analytics and operational systems, a clash of cultures is on the horizon (if not here already). Traditional IT implementations teams and their top-down programs rarely see eye to eye with the grass roots culture of NoSQL platform operators. But this divide [...]

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Corporate Data Return on Investment

Informatica Goal: Maximize Return on Data The theme of last week’s Informatica Analyst Conference was utilizing the “secular megatrends” of information technology to energize data integration across organizations at an enterprise scale.  These megatrends, described as trends we can all agree upon, are the following: Cloud Computing Social Media Mobile Big Data Informatica’s message is [...]

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NoSQL Implementation Drivers

If you look at the history of Big Data requirements (volume, velocity and variety), and the NoSQL platforms supporting those requirements, you see a history of organizations and development teams breaking the mold of traditional information technology (IT) programs. Instead of following the traditional IT methodologies to solve the Big Data issues, these teams pushed [...]

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MicroStrategy World 2012: Miami

Yesterday I tweeted “Most software CEO’s are technologists at some level. Saylor is a passionate nerd. It’s a compliment.” I’ve covered MicroStrategy for years and have attended many of CEO Michael Saylor‘s keynotes and the reoccurring theme is his deep understanding of emerging technologies and how they will disrupt the business intelligence space. He has [...]

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Information Governance in the Age of Analytics, Big Data, eDiscovery and Social Media

As the digital world becomes increasingly more connected at the individual and organizational levels, our desire to derive insight from the collective stacks of electronically stored information (ESI) has fueled technology innovation and enabled companies to leverage these technologies and to transform their businesses as well as people’s lives. Meanwhile, organizations are in danger of [...]

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Behind Oracle’s Disappointing 2nd Quarter Numbers: Europe, Big Data, Competition, The Setting of Sun or All The Above?

After a blisteringly hot day for all of the US stock indices yesterday, the news following the close of the markets that Oracle had missed its quarterly numbers for the first time in 10 years came as a bit of shock to investors. Whether or not continued world economic woes, especially in Europe, will affect [...]

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IBM Gives Industry Analysts Glimpse of the Future: How Will They Meet the Challenges Ahead?

Despite a generally lackluster world economy, IBM is thriving. This year IBM celebrated the 100thanniversary of its founding and there is much for IBMers, their customers and stockholders to be happy about. Today, IBM is without a doubt the premier enterprise technology company in the world admired by millions and the envy of other technology [...]

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Begin with End in Mind for Big-Data Analytics

Many times when discussing the topic of big-data, the focus is on the volume of the data, the structure of the data or the near real-time analysis requirements of the data.  We toss around buzzwords like Hadoop, structured vs unstructured, etc…. However, often times what is missed are the analysis goals of the big-data environment. [...]

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This Week in New York: A Real-World Workshop on Big Data and Security Intelligence

With the acquisitions of Q1Labs and NitroSecurity last week, the industry’s attention has been drawn anew to the value of security information and event management (SIEM). In the enterprise, SIEM is often the focus of security operations, collecting data from a variety of point products, management and monitoring systems. But as I wrote on Tuesday, [...]

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ETL 2.0

Are you rethinking your data integration strategies? is the introduction of Big Data having an impact on that strategy? Jorge Lopez of Syncsort makes a compelling point around the challenges and the cost of doing Big Data integration with traditional methods. Check out the video for an overview.   I believe that innovation in data [...]

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